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New ThinkPad Edge Styling

thinkpad e220s.pngIf you missed out on the recent ThinkPad Edge E220s and E420s that debuted at CES in Las Vegas, be sure to check out Lenovo designer David Hill's thoughts on the new chrome surround, and the "mossy black" finish.   I'm sure the new finish will be more durable and less likely to show fingerprints and scuffs.


Do you like the new styling?

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Re: New ThinkPad Edge Styling

I like the idea of real chrome...


That pic makes it look like it is missing trackpad buttons below the trackpad, is that true?


Also, will the screen get at least an  hd+ res option?  Full HD may not be necessary, but the hd+ would be great....

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Re: New ThinkPad Edge Styling

Except for the chrome, it's actually starting to look like a thinkpad. All the glossy paint was starting to worry me a bit.  The edge was starting to look like an HP.  Branding the Edge as a thinkpad was actually a very smart thing to do.  I think it actually attracted a lot of consumers away from the other manufacturers.  And I think pricing brought them over the edge to Lenovo. I like the looks of it, yes, I can even accept the chrome, the more I look at it.  Looking at the people posting on the Edge forum, it looks like most of them bought the Edge as their first thinkpad.  I think a lot of the problems there are that they're not familiar with  how a thinkpad is set up and how the thinkvantage programs operate. Most of the problems there are easily solved.  And that's good.  You're branching out. Attracting new customers. Keeping the pricing affordable.  The edge has very good specs. and it looks like it's turning out to be a good machine.  Now, if it only had a thinklight, hmmmmm. 

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Re: New ThinkPad Edge Styling

Nothing wrong with the new styling however in my opinion Lenovo should concentrate on the build quality first.


What's the point in having a stylish notebook which brakes down very fast, has a lid which is skewed and therefore not closes completely on both sides and has a screen bezel which makes cracking noises when touched?

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