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Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

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Some initial reviews now circulating the web...  What are your thoughts? weighs in


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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

to add to the list, "pnutzh4x0r" posted a user review of the AMD version over on's lenovo board.

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!


You asked "what are your thoughts" - so here goes.

I don't get where it fits. I'm not saying it is a bad machine or anything - I have not used one.

The SL is the small business/economy thinkpad.

Edge appears to be more of an ideapad [both in design and in support (no CTO for example)] with a thinkpad name.

I guess if it is intended to get the thinkpad line into Office Despot/Best Buy it could work for that (sort of a cross-over to consumer line) but I don't see where it stands in the mix.


The x100e, I get it. I would ideally like it with an Intel SU7300, but I think when the dual Athlon gets in it I may just need one.  Need to offer it with a 40 GB SSD.

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!



I get what you are saying in regards to this being much different than your "traditional" thinkpad.  I think that is one reason I ordered it.  If Lenovo was trying to reach a different consumer base then it at least worked for me.   I know there are some VERY loyal Thinkpad fans out there ~and there are bound to be alot of people out there that will not look to kindly on the redsign of this..... I for one wanted something more than just a buisness notebook....I wanted the portability, the battery life, the trackpad.....  I've had Dell laptops before and thought maybe it was time for me to switch things up a tad.   Maybe Lenovo can take the feedback they get from the Edge and use that to further advance there so called new design of the thinkpad.


I'll post my impressions once I get's still to early and not enough people have these to see how the consumer will guess is 50/50 love it'll have that though.





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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

I've been a Thinkpad user for years, and I love this...especially the RED!  Smiley Wink


I ordered a Ideapad several days ago, but after further reflection, have decided to cancel that one and order another Thinkpad.  Once a Thinkpad junkie, always a Thinkpad junkie.  It's good to shake things up a bit now and then.  Love it!

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

Nice nice nice!


But where's my Windows Cd?


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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

Hello kollarp, welcome to Lenovo forums.


Here: Using Rescue and Recovery in Windows 7 Tutorial


Create your own set of recovery media cd/dvd´s.

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!



I have a question, I really like the new ThinkPad Edge 13, I have been more than just happy with my old thinkpad and I think that new design is just what thinkpad needs. But... I dont think that buying a laptop with a low power consumption processor based on a 65nm technology is a good idea regardless of low price.


So my question is when can we expect to see the new line of AMD athlon II procesors based on 45nm tech. in the edge 13 series since those CPUs are just above to come out. MSI already announced a netbook with that CPU. So is Lenovo going to stop using the old CPUs when newer comes out? How long would it take for Lenovo to upgrade the edge 13 series to the new CPUs???


That would be a great solution for many of those people who cant decide which CPU to choose Intel or AMD because the newer AMD CPU just like the INTELs only uses 10 W in comparison to the old 18 W Athlon or Turion. So that will make AMD version  competitive in battery life and with ATI 3200 graphics even a better choice than buying an INTEL version !!!!

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

I got the Intel 13" version NUD2EMS.


It is what it is, and im very happy with my Edge.  I have a Thinkpad T61p at work...  Here are some comparisions:


I miss the keyboard light.  A lot!


I miss the wireless kill switch.  You can disable in the BIOS on the Edge or in software, but if you're on a plane, it's a hassle to go into the BIOS first to disable radios.  Did it cost that much extra to put a physical kill switch on?


I wish the power connector was at the back of the laptop instead of the right hand side.


The lid has more flex in it than I expected.  It's certainly not that bad, but not as good as the keyboard flex.


The half-height pgUp pgDn keys feel weird to press, but the surface area size doesn't bother me, just the fact they are lower than the other keys.


The screen looks a bit washed out with regards to colours.  It's not terrible, but noticeable.  If I was using this for image editing/video/gaming or anything else where visuals were important I would re-consider buying this, but for office/business use indoors it is perfectly adequate.

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Re: Newest ThinkPad line - the Edge!

I got the 13" Edge and am very pleased with it. HOWEVER.... I had to reinstall the Windows 7 32bit version because my business software only runs under 32bits environment losing all the Lenovo´s original configuration including all the useful applications that came installed from factory, just to mention some of them: Rescue and Recovery, Presentation director, Energy management, Active protection, System update etc. I was able to download most of them from the Lenovo´s page.


There is an important application  still missing, the online help, so I would appreciate somebody could give me a link to download it.

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