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No dedicated indicator on caps lock key

On they old keyboard, there was a dedicated green indicatory light on the key itself, which is missing on the keyboard. Now, I realize that the new keyboard affects all thinkpads alike, but the reason I'm posting this here is because my Thinkpad Edge (E530) has a dedicated numpad, thereby making me use the numlock much more often


I am aware of the  often-suggested windows 7 software-sided fix: screen resolution > advanced settings > on screen display


However, the issue with this is that is that it groups the caps lock and numlock together. What if I want the numlock to be default on and NOT shown on-screen, but still wanted to be reminded on-screen if I [accidentally] have the caps lock on?


Is there a solution to this or is this another problem that Lenovo overlooked when upgrading the keyboard?

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Re: No dedicated indicator on caps lock key

Hey Gleipnir,


The only solutions is what you have said is the windows 7 and going into the on screen display and picking which of the two options works for you. It's unfortunate that with the removal of the light indicator for the caps lock and num lock have had a negative effect on your use of a thinkpad laptop. I wish there was more we could do, if you have any other questions please feel free to come back to the forums we are more then willing to help.


Best Regards,



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Re: No dedicated indicator on caps lock key

Hi gleipnir,


The only solution I could offer would be to check online for 3rd party software, I did a quick Google search for "caps lock indicator software" and found quite a few programs that offer on screen reminders. I can't say which works best or even if that's an acceptable solution to you, only that it's the only work-around I can think of.







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Re: No dedicated indicator on caps lock key

Is Lenovo planning on going back to the, much more accessible, in key indicator? The on screen one is really horrible especially for CAD workers like me who have to switch between the two modes frequently.

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Re: No dedicated indicator on caps lock key

i doubt that Lenovo will move back to the LED Cap lock indicators, since they have gone in all the new model keyboards.

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