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No sound in speaker on E520



My Edge E520 has lost its sound in the speakers. The input device works, i.e. i can get sound if I connect a headset. I tried reinstalling the conexeant driver and that helped for a while - and then the sound was gone again. I seem to have detetced a small crackling sound every time the speakers went dead.


Bios is updated to the latest 123

Sound to latest = CONEXANT 8.32..27.0


I'm at a loss what to do now.


My model number is ThinkPad Edge E520 (1143-3NG)


Any suggestions would be welcome. Only alternative right now is try a complete reinstall of windows :-/

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Re: No sound in speaker on E520

It sounds like a hardware issue if you can hear through your headphones.  It could be that the speakers have gone bad or it could have a loose wire connection.

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Re: No sound in speaker on E520



I have a similar problem with my ThinkPad E525.

I cannot hear any sound from the speakers under Windows 7 (64bit). However, with another system from boot CD (i.e. Ubuntu) everything works fine. So, no h/w error.


I have deactivated and uninstalled drivers a couple of time. Hardware manager tells me device is working fine. However, every software that wants to play a sound tells that there is an issue with playing the sound. Same if I start the test sound of the windows sound configuration.



Conexant 20671 SmartAudio HD, driver version:


Any ideas?





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Re: No sound in speaker on E520

Hello gammascorpii,


If you could please turn the volume up with the icon on the right corner of your screen, then press the volume up button on the thinkpad itself.  On a couple of threads I have read the software and the button are not connected.  They both apparently have the same control over the same switch. 


Hope this helps,



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Re: No sound in speaker on E520

None of these helped.  What finally worked for me was doing a system restore (Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore)


More importantly, I discovered I'd used the wrong audio driver, it wasn't the Conexant stuff, but the 'Intel Display Audio' driver.  What's sad and unfortunate is how little this is documented by lenovo.

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