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PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging

Hello, everyone. I need help figuring out what is wrong with my laptop. I have never had any problems until now and my warranty is up so I am on my own. It was working fine last night but I woke up and my laptop would not turn on. So I connected the charger and the charging light would not turn on. I thought it was the charger so I bought a new one but still nothing. I'm panicking now because I am a college student so my laptop is essential. Does anyone know what is going on?I read somewhere about a faulty chip or something but if that is the issue then would the Lenovo company fix it out of warranty? I hope this laptop doesnt end up costing me a fortune because I have to still pay tuition. Smiley Sad

Punch Card
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Re: PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging

I certainly can sympathize with the problem you're having, as I am quite, quite familiar with it. I am composing this reply on my Edge 530, which was a "replacement" for the Edge 520 I had shipped down to Tenn. FIVE TIMES for the same exact problem. Finally, when I was about to re-send it once again, I was asked whether I would like to "Escalate" the claim to a higher level. Not knowing at all what that entailed, I figured, "**bleep**..It really can't get any worse than it is". Anyway, the long and the short of it was that they replaced my machine with an E 530, primarily because they had discontinued the E520. When I asked why it had been discontinued, I finally was able to piece together from the hemming and hawing that the Edge 420 and 520 had entered production with a design flaw regarding the Motherboard. Thankfully, mine was still under warranty, so they figured that since they had already spent more on shipping fees than I had paid for the computer initially, and they didn't want to pay any more......hence the new machine.


I truly am sorry your machine is no longer covered. I never really found out exactly what the flaw was, but I can tell you that my E520 had the Motherboard replaced 5 times. I am still worried because my sister bought the exact same model (E 520) as I did....thus far, she has had absolutely no problems with it at all. After what happened with me, she had the foresight to purchase a 3-year, on-site, extended warranty, so should that sinister snake of a problem resurface in her machine, she's covered.


Even though your warranty is up, I would still contact Customer Service and explain that, after extensive research, you discovered that there was in fact a design flaw in the product's Motherboard, and despite the lapse of Warranty, you should be compensated at least to some degree......I hope that this explanation helps you in some fashion.....fruhlpmd.....

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Re: PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging

what is the manufacturing date of your laptop? This maybe of help for you.

Jin Li

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Re: PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging



First, I'm very sorry to hear that you had five repairs on your E520.   I think your case may be a bit of an extreme case.  There are several lengthy discussions on E420 and E520 with no power symptoms.   


Lenovo has extended service beyond warranty for qualifying systems with these symtoms. 


I can certainly understand why you escalated given all the trouble you had with the E520.


I would like to clarify a point.  The E520 was discontinued only because the E530 came out.  This was a generational change based on processor and chipset, and of course, other design revisions from one generation to the next.  This pattern is seen across all our products - The T420 gave way to the T430, the X220 was replaced by the X230, the W520 was followed by the W530.  


The change was not made because of any issue with the E520.



Punch Card
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Re: PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging



I have enjoyed reading much of your input and commentary throughout the time I've been accessing the provide insightful suggestions and quite logical solutions; I value what you have to say. I believe I might have even spoken with you once on the phone.....(perhaps, perhaps not) if you at one time were stationed down in Tenn. You are quite correct in saying that Lenovo has more than honored their warranty agreements, at least they did with me, something I made sure to describe in detail, I believe, in my previous posting. I have absolutely no problem at all with Lenovo's warranty services.


If you say that the Edge 520 was discontinued due to the evolutionary progression of model types.....then I suppose I stand corrected. But, let's see.....the E520 was introduced in 2011, was it not? Well, how many other Lenovo models have fallen to the evolutionary onslaught of technological marvels in a wee bit over one year? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I couldn't find one. Not one.


Of course I'm just a consumer, so what would I know? In addition, most model replacements engender various improvements over their former model precursors......if truth be told, the general construction of the Edge 530 is of significantly poorer quality (eg. the loathsome touchpad, lower quality keyboard, lack of eSATA slot, lack of an express card slot, and the "Overall creaky build quality" noted by PC World) not what one might expect from a "Generational Advancement". But again....what do I know. Rumor does have it that a faulty EEPROM may be at the root of the motherboard problems, but that could very well be speculation.....


Thank you for setting me straight about the E520's lightning fast retirement.....I hate to labor under misconceptions.....fruhlpmd.



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Re: PLEASE HELP!! E520 not turning on and not charging

Hello, i guess i have the same problem with my laptop, the motherboard died just two months after my warranty expired. I found some motherboards on the internet and they have a fair price but my concern is the revision. The last thing i need is to buy the same motherboard, with similar problems. Does anybody know where i could find a list of the motherboard revisions for this laptop? Has anybody made a thing like this, i mean buying a mobo from the web and changing it and eventually working? Thank you!

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