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Pause, Break, SysRq and Scroll Lock shortcut for E540

Could anyone tell me the corresponding shortcut for Pause, Break, SysRq and Scroll Lock on E540 model because they are not displayed on the keyboard, just like every other lenovo laptop... Thanks.

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Re: Pause, Break, SysRq and Scroll Lock shortcut for E540

Good day and welcome to the community.
In case you don't have it, you may wish to download your Hardware Maintenance Manual:

Manual page 48 lists the key combos you seek.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Pause, Break, SysRq and Scroll Lock shortcut for E540

Good morning,


Ok, I have read 'Hardware Maintenance Manual' and those key combinations do their generic function.


The problem is that some of those keys have special functionality in Windows.

For example the [Windows Key] + [Pause] shows 'System Info', independently of where you are.

And [Windows Key] + [P], on Windows7 is already taken for 'Choose a presentation display mode', so [Windows Key] + [Fn] + [P] is interpreted by Windows as just  [Windows Key] + [P].


I use 'System Info' more than 5 times a day, so a simple key combination now is: [Windows key] press + remember [Pause key] is not present + short expletive + ([Windows Key] + [E]) combination (show Windows Explorer) + Right-Click on 'My Computer' + Click on 'Properties'


Another interesting missing button is 'left-click' button that is very handy if you are using key combinations through menus instead of precise mouse clicking.

But 'left-click' button is missing even in 'Hardware Maintenance Manual' - who may use that?.


I'm very happy for being able to swap [Fn] and [Ctrl] butttons from BIOS, making [CTRL] button the outermost of the keyboard.


Please, could you update the BIOS so totally unnecesary buttons for me like 'Special key lock' (can be done via [Windows Key] + [L] and 'Special key Show Computer' (can be done via [Windows] + [E]) could be replaced by [Pause] button and [left-click] button - like switching between [CTRL] and [Fn]


Those four special buttons are in a very good spatial position. It would be great to be able to customize them from a list of options


Another thing that can be improved are lights for 'NumLock' and 'CapsLock'. Yes... the display show when you change, but... how is now? good, no caps. And if I press CapsLock 20 times more or less and leave computer and I'm back after a tea?.

Yes, I know if the microphone is on or off, if the speakers are on or off... wifi? no, wifi light is not important because you always have it on, don't you?.

Well, lights 'issue' cannot be changed, so just get used to it.


Thank you very much for reading,


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