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2019-01-27, 22:14 PM

I have decided to write my experience with my Lenovo e485.


Pros :

  1. Strong CPU
  2. Upgradable


Cons :

  1. Poor battery life
  2. Fan noise
  3. Unstable on Linux
  4. Upgrades required to unlock Secure Boot
  5. False advertisement


I was happy to see a laptop powered by AMD, so I bought one. Mistake. On the website, it is written up to 9hrs*. It doesn't last more than 3-4hrs on normal use (YouTube or doing some Word documents). If I am doing a little bit of coding, it goes up to 2-3hrs. Not even close to the 9hrs advertise.


The fan is either noisy, or it's not. If you are working with headphones or with some music on, it won't be a problem. It's just preferences here.


I am not a big fan of Windows since it takes a lot of resources for no reason. I decided to go with Linux *DISCLAIMER* I know it isn't supported, therefore, it is unbelievable that you can't choose which operating system you want to put on your device. It is really unstable. I tried it for 3 months to finally give up. It was randomly freezing after some times I there was nothing I could do. 


My last point is something that makes me laugh. I have added a SSD 500Go from Samsung into my laptop. I had to play around to make my computer boot up on my new drive. Bye bye Secure Boot (https://www.welivesecurity.com/2018/09/27/lojax-first-uefi-rootkit-found-wild-courtesy-sednit-group/). Fun, isn't it ?


I had to take some screenshots, but here is why Lenovo have done false advertisement.


The ThinkPad E485 AMD makes IT maintenance easy, too. | False, when you do upgrade you drive, you need to unlock lots of secure settings from your BIOS.


Keep your data safe. | How ? LoJax is running in the wild and the only last protection you have is gone with Secure Boot off. Pssst ! You need to have Windows 10 pro to make sure you are safe... Just saying !


9Hrs* Battery life, but it depends on your settings, usage and other factors. | I tried it with the least options on, the least. At the moment you are doing some Word and have a YouTube page on, you have 4hrs or less. If you are doing some work, forget it, you drop to 2hrs. Not even close to the 9Hrs. Not even.


So before buying that laptop for your company (or yourself), I would strongly advise you to look to other laptops. You are wasting your money on this, sadly. It has a great CPU, you won't miss any power for normal usage, but what's the point of having a laptop always plugged in anyway ?




* I am open to discuss, this is only my POV, it doesn't mean I am 100% right.





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