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Token Ring
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RapidBoot on E420

 Hi, everyone


 Before I get to the point, I take good care of my laptop: good antivirus, frequent updates, computer optimizing software, frequent defragment, etc etc.


 Recently, I did a custom install of Windows 7 Professional and installed all the drivers such as RapidBoot. I disabled unnecessary startup programs, services, etc and I realized that the booting time is still pretty disappointing.


 It takes 1:35 most of the time and if I remember correctly, the laptop was able to boot much faster with the OS that came with this laptop. Why is it that even after installing all the drivers and software, the booting time is about 1:35 and sometimes it goes over 1:45?


 Do you have any suggestions regarding this problem?

Token Ring
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Re: RapidBoot on E420

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"I take good care of my laptop: good antivirus, frequent updates, computer optimizing software, frequent defragment, etc etc."

The only unquestionable good in this list is frequent updates.

good antivirus - best is common sense

computer optimizing software - will do more harm than good (or nothing at all at expense of convinience)

the only one I use is autoruns, from microsoft Smiley Tongue

frequent defragment - ehh, ntfs takes pretty good care of itself, ofc not as good as any linux fs, but even then, a defualt weekly scheduled defrag should be enough.


installing all drivers - if by this you also mean installing all thinkvantage software than it'll make your boot longer no question. Most of ThinkVantage software is redundant (provides features already present in OS or in BIOS which you should set and forget)


Plus, make sure your windows is installed in uefi mode and preferably gpt partition table also in BIOS set booting to UEFI only, this should cut few seconds from the very beggining of boot.


Summing up, the more vanilla/untouched your windows is the better Smiley Wink

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Re: RapidBoot on E420

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Hi all

Yes, UEFI is meant for improve boot performance, but eventually not now. There are still some compatibility issues, etc.


Boot Difference based on someotherguy, BIOS-MBR and UEFI-GPT is only 0.5 seconds.

You can download the tools here and analyze what slows down your boot, you can upload pics here and we can help to assist you.​ws-7-bootshutdownhibernatestandbyresume-issues/


Cheers :smileyvery-happy:


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