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Fanfold Paper
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Require dual band + BT wifi card for Thinkpad Edge E130

So, I need a dual band + BT wifi card that will work in an Edge E130. Yes, i've already been directed to the stupid "FRU" and "Supported wireless" lists. The FRU list isn't helpful and the "Supported wireless" list is a complete lie. (A supposedly supported card is "unsupported" and halts at POST) So what's the exact model card I need to get and where can I get it from? (Or who do I contact to get the Intel Advanced N 6230 added to the BIOS whitelist) Failing this, i'll be returning it/demanding a refund (if neither are forthcoming, i'll be issuing a charge back on my CC). Under the NZ Consumers Guarantee's act , if Lenovo are listing a card as compatible and it's not, then I have various legal avenue's to persue or i'll just issue a charge back and go buy a laptop from another manufacturer that aren't assholes about what I can do with my own **bleep** hardware.
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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Require dual band + BT wifi card for Thinkpad Edge E130

The FRU list is necessary.  If a card isn't sold by or for Lenovo it will fail the BIOS whitelist test.


As an example, a generic Intel 5300 will fail.  An Intel 5300 FRU # 43Y6459 will pass - at least in a machine that has that FRU whitelisted.


It isn't in the PCI ID that I can see. My Lenovo-branded 5300 has the generic Intel ID. It may be in the subsystem ID or in some pixie dust that Lenovo sprinkles in the firmware - I don't know the details - but a Lenovo-compatible 5300 is not the same as a generic one.  Searching for a whitelist vs PCI ID won't get you any farther than the FRU list would.  If a card would pass the whitelist, it is already branded with the FRU.


If you're shopping the aftermarket, rather than Lenovo sales, you need to shop by FRU along with card type.  Legit sellers will list the FRU # along with laptop compatibiliy.


You  (and I) might wish it were otherwise, but that's the reality.


More info on the general topic via this thread: Can i replace stock wifi card of e420?



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Require dual band + BT wifi card for Thinkpad Edge E130

So how do I know which FRU card does 802.11 a/b/n/g 2.4ghz + 5ghz + BT4.0? Where can I even buy one? Why can't lenovo give me a BIOS without the whitelist and then say it's no longer under warrenty or something? Why even bother having a user replaceable wifi card if you can't replace it and have it work!?
Paper Tape
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Re: Require dual band + BT wifi card for Thinkpad Edge E130

I posted this in your other thread, don't know if you saw it:

@Malleovic wrote:

If your card is not on the whitelist, you will get the 1802(?) error every time unless you force the system to accept the card via some kind of workaround.  


The only ways that I am aware of doing this are as follows:


Editing the PCI-ID of the card to match one already on the whitelist, or


flashing a modified/custom BIOS that either doesn't have a whitelist or one that has had your card's PCI-ID added to the whitelist.


I just finished doing this with my T60 to get it to accept and use an Intel Centrino 6235 Advanced-N wireless network adapter (I even needed a special bracket to make the newer half-height card fit into the full-size PCIe slot on the mobo).


Be warned that flashing customized, modified, or otherwise unauthorized BIOSes can brick your laptop, even it's just the flashing itself that encounters an error.  Be sure to backup all of your data and create a recovery BIOS in case this happens.  This procedure is not for inexperienced users and is not to be done lightly.  


Because this is an official Lenovo website, you will not find much in the way of useful information here on how to override official Lenovo restrictions on hardware.  Therefore I'll suggest a couple of places you can go to get more information about this:


Here is a place to start looking for information: (  


ThinkWiki is also a useful place for unconventional information about modifying ThinkPads.  


Alternatively, try googling "ThinkPad Edge E130 whitelist removal" and you could find something useful.


Bear in mind that the linked sites are in no way affiliated with Lenovo, Intel, IBM, or anybody else.  


Proceed with caution.  


Good luck Smiley Happy

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