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Slow Performance and Recovery Partition is not accessible

One day, when I turned on the My Edge 13 it was very slow. It takes long time to boot (~ 5 minutes). I can still copy and paste files from primary partition. Starting a program is painfully slow.

It is the same in “Safe Mode”, relatively faster than above but still very slow. It started all of a sudden, not a gradual increase.


I monitored the processors and memory from Task Manager. There is nothing running extra.


When I click “ My computer”

            The file is opened up, I can see the partitions. However it does not load 100% (green bar in the address bar never reaches to 100%). I cannot access recovery partition (QSmiley Happy.


i) I want to create a recovery CD from partition Q: however I cannot access it. Below is what happens.


  Double click on Q, hanging around 5 minutes then gives the following error;

       “Q: Application not found”


  Right click, then click “Open”, hanging for several minutes then gives the following error;

“Q: is not accessible

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”


These steps above give the same results in “Safe Mode” too.


ii) From Disk Management, I can see all partitions as Healthy.  Q: partition is shown as RAW, as opposed to NTFS for other partitions, I don’t know what it means.  


iii) When I tried to use Rescue & Recover 4 option (through startup or windows) , it never boots up. It hangs on start up page for several hours then gives error.


iv) I was able to scan with “Disk Errors and Repairs” all partitions other than recovery Partition (QSmiley Happy. Q is not accessible.


There is not a restore point before this problem started.


It does not look to me a HDD failure. Any help appreciated

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Re: Slow Performance and Recovery Partition is not accessible

Hi murunlu,

Please contact local lenovo for further assistance. You might need recovery disc/ Hard Disc replacement.

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