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Spastic Cursor Movement ThinkPad Edge E520

A few months back, my cursor just started  moving spastically around my screen.  I use an external mouse most of the time so I  first  disconnected the mouse.  No difference.  I then  unistalled the  Windows driver (HD Compliant Mouse). I  automatically  reinstalled when I booted the PC - no difference.


I uninistalled the  Touch Pad driver but it made no difference. I have  tried to reinstall them but  the TouchPad  does not work (correctly).  The only time  the TouchPad seems to work is when  the mouse is spastic.  While the  moust dances around my screen, I can  move my finger across the TouchPad and the  mouse stops.  It responds  this  way about 95% of the time.  The other 5%, I revert  to the Track  Ball which also seems to freeze the mouse.   Regardless, the  left and right mouse  buttons  for the TouchPad  do NOT WORK at all.  If I  stop the  mouse in a place (or move  the mouse  to where I want it with  the TrackBall), I cannot  use the left or right TouchPad  buttons  to select or take some action.


I have tried to update both  mouse  related drivers but Windows says they are  up to date. 


I have run virus and  malware  scans with no results.  The mouse becomes  spastic, erraticallly.  It is fine for a while, then goes "haywire" again.   I need to get this fixed.


I am running Windows 10 Pro and I am on version 10.0.15063 (a.k.a. 1703 Creator build).  This problem existed much before 1703. 

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