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TP E540 Windows 10 E drive problem

Hi all


This laptop had Windows 8 on it when I bought it and I upgraded it to Windows 10 a year or so ago. Think it was a fresh install - can't really remember. This afternoon we started getting a warning that the E drive was full. Hadn't really noticed that we had an E drive to be honest but it is 476MB and ony has 32MB left. E is a partition of the main drive but I'm not sure what it is for or what's taking the space. See screenshot below.



DM.pngDisc Manager

With "view hidden files" on I can see a $RECYCLE.BIN folder, a RECOVERY folder and a System Volume Information folder. System Restore is turned off. I have used Ccleaner to empty the recycle bin for all users plus remove other temporary files. No change. Now - and I suspect this is the culprit - I ran the Windows 10 April 2018 updater this morning. Everything went well.


My questions;

The Windows 10 installermust have made the E drive - what is it for?

What's taking the space and how do I solve the space issue?



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Re: TP E540 Windows 10 E drive problem

Same here on a E460 but its drive D for me. Same size. Unable to do anything with it in disk management.
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Re: TP E540 Windows 10 E drive problem

Google OEM partition and NTFS file system. It could be someting important.

You can add more space to that partition.

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