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Paper Tape
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The Thinkpad E550 fan speed problem, turn on and off high frequency.

I have the e550, but I just feel the laptop fan may have some trouble.  The fans alway turn on and off with a high frequency,even I just active a website or open (Word, Excel). It really disrupted my normal use,because the turn on and off make me unbearable.


My laptop basic info:


i7-5500u, 8gb ram, r7 265 graphic card, OS windows 10 Pro, rome temp 20~25


I use the software CPUID compare my laptop E550, with the ASUS k56CM(i7 3517u, 8gb ram, gt 635 video card)


For exmple: open Google Chrome : E550, 42 c before active, 70~80 the moment active(fan turn on), 42-49 after active, Fan speed unknow

                                               Asus, 45 before active,   50~53 the moment active(fan run under a average speed 2300rmp), 45-50 after active, fan speed always between 2300~2500 rmp.


All other program almost the similar situation when try to active it, active the software or web the CPU temp. jump high the fan turn on (almost with very high RMP, ) after then turn off. But,the ASUS fan always run under 2300~2500 rmp under normal use, only full speed under a heavy duty.


I don't know how to solve this problem, I can not find any fan speed control or temp range setting in both BIOS and Software? I just want like ASUS let the fan make an average speed under a temp range. By the way anyone know is this the normal on Lenovo Laptop or the trouble?



Paper Tape
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Re: The Thinkpad E550 fan speed problem, turn on and off high frequency.


I had this problem on my E550 ( of fast spinning fan without processor load ).

As a workaround I used to take out the battery for some minutes and the fan returned to more or less normal. First I thought it was caused bi BIOS/UEFI, but I contacted the local service. They approached Lenovo and they suggested them to replace the fan unit in the first place. So they did it.

My first impression is that the fan spins much less than before after the repair. So all in all there might have been some problem with the fan unit.

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