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ThinkPad E 520 doesn't turn on

Yesterday i turned off regularly my laptop, it installed a windows upgrade and it shut down normally.
Today i tried to turn it on but it doesn' work. I tried to remove the battery, using only the ac power but nothing happened. When I insert the ac cable the power LED is green, so i think it's not a cable problem.

What it could be?

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Re: ThinkPad E 520 doesn't turn on

Hi, welcome to the forum


When you turn on the Thinkpad, does it show something in the monitor? The Thinkpad and Lenovo logo?

When you turn it on, do you see any kind of activity, fan, hdd spining, any sound of those components running?



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Re: ThinkPad E 520 doesn't turn on

I had a similar problem with my ThinkPad 11e. You said that you removed the battery and it didn't help. In my case, I removed the battery and then pressed and held the power on button for 10-15 seconds. I read somewhere that it supposedly will discharge any static buildup.


After that, I reinstalled the battery, pressed the power on button and it booted right up.

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Re: ThinkPad E 520 doesn't turn on

Lenovo E520 has a motherboard flaw which was replaced by Lenovo after extended warrenty, some years ago.


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