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Re: ThinkPad E580 Anyone Can Explain How To Safely Remove Back Cover?

I agree - the E570 and prior models were super easy to disassemble for upgrading or replacing. Two to three screws to slide a panel out and you had instant access to the eSATA slot, HDD bay, and DIMM slots. I really dislike what Lenovo has done here with this new redesign of the laptop bottom, despite all the new features they've added, how hard is it to create a cutout plate to access the relevant upgrade area?


In the older ThinkPad T-series, they didn't even use plastic snaps - disassembly involved removing 3-4 screws from the bottom to release the keyboard. A few more screws from the bottom allowed you to remove the entire top cover where you could then remove the entire system board. I loved that disassembly process - I actually timed myself at 5 minutes to disassemble, replace the system board, and reassemble a T400. But I work in a smaller company now so they can't afford those monsters.


That said, it's not impossible to remove the bottom cover of the E580. I've disassembled dozens of these here at work, and though it does require specialized tools (I use the metal spudger from iFixIt), it also requires some patience and technique to do it without breaking a single tab. I'm actually at a point where I've started timing myself on how fast I can do it.


Repetition with several models is key - but if you're doing it to the same E580, it's going to be difficult to reach the level of finesse I have. Believe me, I destroyed the first couple E580's on my first try, but afterwards, it's became easier and now I don't break a single tab unless I'm rushing.


What I do is start from the back left or right of the chassis, inserting the spudger into the seam from the top, and then I gently press towards the top of the laptop so that you're prying the bottom cover outwards and down until I hear the click of the first tab disengaging. Then, I move to the next tab going towards the front of the laptop. It helps to memorize where each tab is as shown in the diagram you posted. I work my way around the laptop - from side to front to side, and then it's a matter of gently lifting the cover and carefully wiggling the remaining rear tabs free.


If I ever disassemble one, I'll try to remember to take a video. Hope that helps!



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