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Punch Card
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ThinkPad E585 Review

Hello all, I recently purchased the Lenovo ThinkPad E585 and thought I should give my impressions of the system. Hopefully, this will help others consider this system alongside the other established/popular Lenovo models.

I'd like to thank the community here for sharing their experiences and helping to resolve some of the technical issues that often accompany new systems. I'm certain this contributed to the stable, error free and overall enjoyable experience I have had since I unboxed my new laptop. I had wanted to post a short review on the system's page but couldn't find a way to do so.

The E585 is based on the existing E580 chassis which is Intel-based. I had the good fortune of using a family member's E580 so I knew what to expect and was glad that no downgrades were made to the chassis or available components despite the lower starting price. In fact, the E585 has USB 3.1 on all ports! The top is matte black aluminium with a thick solid plastic undercarriage, all built into a sturdy workstation laptop. The speakers are just basic, I love the thin bezels, but again, it definitely feels like a Lenovo Business Machine that will still feel solid a decade from now. The metal does show hand prints, though so it helps remind me to keep my hands clean and avoid eating around the laptop. Judging by the crumbs underneath the keyboard of an older laptop, this is a good habit to develop.

I had initially wanted to get the Flex-14 which is also built on Ryzen CPUs but it sold out pretty quickly. Fortunately, the E585 is already making up for its lack of Tablet contortion by offering a very useful Number Pad and a larger viewing area that makes working with multiple windows much easier.

As you can tell, I was primarily focused on getting a laptop built on Ryzen but all the other vendors just seemed to have one thing or another missing from their offerings, if they were even available at all. Lenovo had the base covered with dual-channel ram and Ryzen "5" availability and even left in the ethernet jack which I expect to extend battery life in a stationary setting. Add to this the fact that they do not go out of their way to hide the upgradable sockets behind electrical components and confounded disassembly procedures, and the E585 takes on an admirable aura of techie-credibility. I would, however, recommend ordering one with at least 8GB dual channel preinstalled.

Average battery life, is the only criticism I can level against the E585. However, it appears that high-performance, Full HD (1920x1080) laptops with just 45Wh batteries get around the same 4-5 hours of steady, unplugged on-screen office work that I do. The battery also charges very quickly so this mitigates a lot. Smartphone USB-C chargers don't have enough power though, so it's great that the power brick is compact. A 60Wh battery, even with the added weight, would have just shot this system up into the stratosphere of value because everything else is exceptional.

The performance, screen, keyboard and build are all excellent. I have not heard the fan whirr noticeably in the two months I have owned it. I purchased mine with a 500GB hard drive and it still loaded quickly, except when Windows was updating. I have since put in a sata SSD and now not even Windows update can slow this champion down (I was surprised, however, that Windows cumulative updates are still a slow process on SSDs).

In summary, the E585 is a great buy for anyone looking for a sturdy, high-performance workstation on a budget, more so if you want to employ the extra graphics power in AMD's Ryzen architecture without the added battery weight and heat that comes with discrete graphics. Configurability and connectivity is covered in full to accommodate both established and emerging tech. The thin bezels around an excellent screen and a quiet full keyboard make productive multitasking a straightforward experience. Fast charging and battery capacity enable a work/charge mobility model that matches most school classes and work shifts (50% for 4 hours of demanding non-benchmark use, recharge at lunch time, work till end of day)

Thanks Lenovo and the community for a great experience.

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad E585 Review

Unfortunately, there is an error in the bios configuration that prevents Operating Systems besides Windows from booting without complex interventions.


I feel that laptops have always been general purpose computers, able to run compatible software, so AMD and Lenovo's unwillingness to fix this issue has soured my opinion of this and their other products.


Forum thread of users trying their best to work around the problem with no response from the Lenovo.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad E585 Review

I totally agree. I kept hearing how great Thinkpads were but this thing has been a complete turd with zero support from Lenovo.
Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad E585 Review

The OS compatibility issue is/was frustrating and disappointing, but I haven't had any of the hardware issues others have. With the workaround the laptop also works well in Linux. (Thanks to community effort)


As such, the positive aspects of this laptop remain true for me, especially when it comes to the hardware. It's been enjoyable and reliable to use so far... but could have been better Smiley Wink


It seems like the high-end models (T, X1, IdeaPad... whatever) have most features enabled (or not disabled like our E-series) and compatibility is actively pursued by Lenovo. They seem to be well received in the public reviews I've seen. Maybe people who "must" have uncompromising ThinkPads should look at those models.


What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkPad E585 Review

This has since been fixed in the most recent BIOS update. No kernel parameters are required to install Linux any longer. I've installed Arch, Ubuntu, and Pop_OS! no problem.

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