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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad Edge 14" (E40) battery doesn't charge and no touch gesture on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit



I just upgraded my notebook (ThinkPad Edge 14", E40) from Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit few days ago. After the upgrade, the touchpad gesture worked (e.g. swipe from right edge shows the charm bar) but the battery didn't charge. I thought it was the problem of battery, so I sent it to service center to check it.


(But from the Power Manager program, the charge cycle was less than 50 and very unlikely that the problem was caused by the battery.)


Few days later, I got my notebook back (yesterday). Service center said that they can charge the computer with Windows 7 (using their hard disk with Windows 7 on it), so they suggested me to reinstall my system. I then refresh the system using Windows 8 built-in function (which could be found in PC settings/ General/ Refresh computer). After that, the problem was not solved, in addition, the touchpad gesture was gone. (So I wasted my money for nothing... :-(


In short, here are the problems with my computer:

  • Battery doesn't charge, even the level dropped to 30% and I have AC power plugged in.
  • Touchpad gesture is gone, even I have installed UltraNav driver through Windows Update.

Do anyone experience similar issues? I read a few pages on this site and found that some drivers are said to be compatible with Windows 8 (, should I install the Power Management Driver? And for the touchpad gesture, someone found a driver ( and said it can bring back the gestures on Windows 8, should I install it or install the driver provided on


Many thanks.

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