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ThinkPad Edge E440 Problems

Dear Lenovo,


I have started using ThinkPad Edge E440's and E540's in my company last year (June 2014) and have now been experiencing several horrible issues:


1. The default Windows 7 OS that came with the laptop gets corrupted when you install updates from Microsoft. This will hang after the initial restart and then will never boot again to windows not to mention 4 BSOD's before it gets totally corrupted, to a point that not even safe mode can boot into. if I do not update the OS from MS Updates, it will be working, but dead slow. I have 2 i7 8GB 1TB configuration and honest to goodness opinion my Core2Quad beats them hands down in performance. 


2. The issue above will then have to be reformatted hence i have no recovery disks of Windows 7 so i have to use the Windows 8.1 recovery discs. which is a terrible OS and is not being used in our corporate setup. so then i have to use one of our licenses and this wastes our licenses because we originally ordered these laptops with windows 7. but then the same issue occurs with it hanging constantly and not able to connect to the wifi and BSOD's all around


3. After i have installed and updated windows 8.1, i will then update the drivers, and then will have to update the BIOS to 2.18 and then Wi-Fi will not work with the drivers that are found from your support site. you can only use WiFi again if you download the drivers from Intel or Realtek.


4. Suddenly my USB ports started disconnecting and reconnecting with or without the BIOS Update. which led several of my hard drives to get corrupted and have bad sectors because of the constant disconnection especially when they are not attended.


Along side this, these laptops have been given to top level directors and it is quite embarassing and annoying for them to start complaining over what i thought were decent laptops.


May i please get support on these issues? i know you will be asking for logs on the windows 7 OS but since all of your default software has been wiped out i do not have that. but if you can send me a diagnostics tool i can install this and extrapulate logs from it.


Thank you


Jason Lopez

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