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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad Edge E540 Synaptics Control Panel driver display bug (Tech. Support my worst nightmare)

So  the issue is the Synaptics Control Panel is displayed in a way that is too big vertically to see the entire window as per:synaptics-after.PNG


The keyboard click-for-click instructions on reproducing this:

1.  Start up from a Lenovo factory install of Windows 8.1 Professional x64 with all drivers updated to latest as provided by Lenovo, and Windows upgraded with latest updates (no drivers installed through Windows Updates).
2.  Control Panel > Display and notice the defaults as per below:

3.  Control Panel > Mouse > tab ThinkPad > button Advanced and notice the new window Synaptics Control Panel is proportional vertically as per below:

4.  Control Panel > Display > click checkbox Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays > radio button Medium - 125% > click button Apply.
5.  Sign out and sign in to Windows.
6.  Control Panel > Mouse > tab ThinkPad > button Advanced and notice the new window Synaptics Control Panel is too big vertically to see the bottom of the window.

What is noticed is when one changes the registry entry:

from 640 to 550, the Synaptics Control Panel looks acceptable vertically, and persists through reboots. However, this is correlated to an issue where any configurations made are all reverted automatically, after about ten seconds from clicking OK in the Synaptics Control Panel. Hence, this is not a WORKAROUND/solution.


March 30, 2015

I first reported this problem above. During this phone call, I was advised that this would be escalated to the Engineering group, and was given a case number to certify this. As well, he said that I should expect a call back in 24-72 business hours. Unfortunately, the representative lied to me, never escalated the case, and immediately closed the case after the call ended without telling me.


April 20, 2015
I called in following up on my prior case number. During this call, I was advised the prior case was closed, the issue is a software problem, and my call needs to be transferred to the software queue which is billable. After explaining that the prior representative lied to me, and that how I bought a laptop from Lenovo that has a driver design bug, and now Lenovo wants to charge me just to talk about it, I requested an actual escalation. Then I was advised this would be escalated, and I should expect a call back in 24-72 business hours. Call 8am-5pm Mon. - Fri.

April, 28, 2015

I called in after not receiving any call back. This new representative advised my now second case number is closed. As well, she advised "This is hardware support. Either submit it for hardware repair, or send to software support for a charge." I, again, asked for a supervisor. She said someone would call me within 24-48 hours. I requested an immediate escalation as I've now called in three times, given yet another case number (we are at three now so far) and Lenovo has an integrity issue on their desk where I'm being lied to.


Cut to the supervisor, who was most gracious in indulging me on my problem. I explained keyboard click-for-click how to reproduce, and he said he and another person couldn't. Hence, it was his opinion at the time this may be an OS corruption problem, which, while deeply skeptical, begrudgingly went along with. Hence, he sent me Recovery DVD Media with no charge (Yay free Superfish!).

April 30, 2015

I spoke with a different woman who advised my most recent case number (which is a fourth) was "canceled". I advised how could any of my cases be canceled if nobody has called me, and my problem hasn't been solved? She advise that cases are canceled automatically within three days, irrelevant to if the issue is solved or not. After advising that this is poor customer service, I, once again, requested a supervisor. She belligerently said she can't put me on hold, and she was going to disconnect the call. I quickly said before what I thought was going to be a hangup that she was being incredibly rude, and insisted on speaking with a supervisor.


Surprisingly, I was placed on a silent hold, and spoke with a different supervisor who inserted some more information about the problem I had into what I considered the master case number out of the four previously created.


May 1, 2015

I advised that this issue reproducible in the "factory image" and again (how many times has it been? I've practically lost count) asked for an escalation.


Cut to the the original supervisor I spoke with back on April 28, and after advising that he missed a few steps in the reproduction instructions I provided, he transferred me to a hardware engineer from IBM. After briefly speaking with him about the issue, he advised there are five+ closed cases regarding my issue. I advised him of the what I considered the master case. He made another case number, in a completely different ticketing system (Salesforce based), and advised this was now escalated to the appropriate group. I thanked him for his time, and left for the weekend, certain this driver design bug would be dealt with eventually, given this is Windows 8.1, and it's an accessibility issue (how many people with strained eyes use Windows 8.1 anyways?!).


May 6, 2015

Oh, how wrong I was. The current response from the Lenovo Driver Engineering group:
"Changing Windows scaling to effectively make windows larger than the resolution of the screen (i.e. hang off the bottom) is a consequence of changing those settings. This is not an issue Lenovo can address as all components are working as designed".


Let me clarify a few things. I'm a Lenovo Certified Technician, and have been previously a Lenovo Site Administrator for a prior infrastructure. I've been a huge fan of Lenovo, so much that the last two personal computers, and two previous business computers have been Lenovo laptops.


However, after going through Lenovo's Kafkaesque technical support nightmare system that auto-cancels (not closes) live customer issues (i.e. canceling sounds better to upper management then closed), creates unnecessary duplicate tickets (aka stat padding), multiple/unnecessary ticketing systems, and Lenovo Engineers who double down on wrong claiming a badly designed driver is as intended, I'm pretty fed up with Windows 8.1+Lenovo at this point (not to mention the surprise unresolved lemon I received from Lenovo as per ).

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