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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad E430 Keyboard Issue


I own a Thinkpad E430(type 3254). It's about 14 months old. Yesterday, it randomly started having an issue with it's keyboard. It acts like the enter key is continuously pressed, and about 1 sec after I hit any other key it stops. The enter key by itself has stopped working, and only shorts sometimes and results in a continuous press.


As soon as i boot, enter input is given and normal startup gets interrupted. If i press any key, it's normal again until an OS loads. For example, if i boot into debian, line breaks get inserted between the console messages that are displayed until i press a key, and if i boot windows, it gets stuck at the login screen because enter is given without the correct password so it loops. This behavior also happens sometimes randomly while working normally.


The keyboard hasn't even seen heavy usage, or any drink spills. I usually keep the laptop at my desk, and use an external keyboard. The last time I took it out was 2 weeks ago. 


Has anyone faced this issue before? I doubt it can be a software issue, so do I need a new keyboard? 

Thanks for the assistance.

Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎07-15-2014
Location: India
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Re: Thinkpad E430 Keyboard Issue

ook so no one knows or no one bothered. anyway, i solved it and i'll leave it here.

i called up lenovo's helpline, and they told me to remove ac power and the battery, and then keep the power button pressed for 2x30 seconds. Apparently, that drain static charge on the motherboard. That helped but only for a few minutes. Last night, i drained out the battery to 5% and now the issue is gone. I've recharged to 100% and the system is normal.


I don't know what caused this, but it might have something to do with the lenovo power manager, which i recently installed.

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