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Thinkpad E531 Windows 7 64 bit 2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)

After a windows update, the laptop started giving me this error. I attempted the quick fixes, such as going into diagnostic, the HDD isn't present there either. I've reseated the HDD, nothing is working. I believe this could be a chipset/IRST mismatch issue, I just need to know what to get and a suggestion on how to get it installed. 


Ok yes it's an old laptop but I need to get it going even if only long enough to back up my data. I am desperate please any solution is a godsend at this point.


Hello? I KNOW Lenovo techs look at these too, doesn't ANYONE have an answer? I'll give you more info: I put the HDD into a similar Lenovo, and took the HDD from that computer and put it in mine, and the error stayed with the HDD. There is ONE caveat to this: the other computer has Windows 10, so that *might* not mitigate there being an Chipset/IRST mismatch, maybe? My old computer booted into Windows 10 using that HDD just fine, and I got exactly the same error on the other computer (2100 detection error) with the HDD from my old laptop. Is there any possibility of recovering this HDD?

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