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Thinkpad E540 with nvidia 840M not functioning or optimus is faulty

hey guys - I bought a laptop second hand that came pre-installed witn win 7.


Without testing it on win 7 - i made the immediate reformat to upgrade to win 10 home (since the laptop alrdy carried a valied win 7 home license.


I wasn't sure if that entitled me to a win 10 pro but was pretty sure it would at least be legit for a win 10 home license but that's not the issue.


Upon a full reformat - in which i upgraded the HDD to an SSD in the 2.5 inch bay - i proceeeded to install the typical drivers required and also update the bios the the latest version (which was last updated in 2016)


C'mon I am typing this on an X220 which has no official win10 support yet i have the latest Spectre/Meltdown Patch that was released Apr 2018!


Anyway - my first test was to conduct a number a benchmark tests to see how the gpu performs. This included 3DMark and aslo the standard Passmark benchmarks (all free versions)


I started with the Passmark only to have a message come up from windows saying "Passmark has been denied acces to utilise dGPU" this is not the exact wordings but it conveys the message.


I checked the bios and there were only 2 options which was either use - 

1)igpu only

2)Optmus dGpu


It had Optimus selected by default which made sense. 


I then proceeded to manual enable the dGPU via the Nvidia control panel in the Physix section and it is then I noticed the screen was displaying frayed/glitchy images - which was not very obvious until I ran the Passmark tests again.


This time it allowed me to start the tests but when it reached the directx tests (10 or 11) it stopped with an error message.


I've googled this across and was unsuccesful to find anyone who had the same issue on any forums let alone one that owns the Edge series. 


Apart from reinstalling windows 7 to see if this is indeed a OS issue which i doubt it would be given Lenovo obviously supports the E540 with win 10 drivers for the nvidia optimus.


Can anyone chime in? otherwise I'm faced with either trying to get a return from the seller which is tough as its obviously a second harnd laptop or just accept the bloody fault and disable the dgpu in bios.


What i wish to know is if this is a hardware fault or a software issue.



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