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Thinkpad E550 4K/60Ghz support

I am using a Thinkpad E550 laptop with 3.0 Ultra Dock. Currently I have my 4K monitor hooked up with Displayport into the Ultra Dock and am only able to reach 4K resolution with 30 hz refresh rate. Unfortunately due to this, there is a lot of "choppyness" in the display, mouse movements, etc. Ideally i need the refresh rate to be at least 60 Hz. Is there a known possibility to get these settings with the current equipment? It seems DP is only capable of outputting 60 Hz refresh rate but the Laptop doesnt have a DP port. I can only get that through the dock. HDMI doesn't seem to do the trick either.

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Re: Thinkpad E550 4K/60Ghz support

You might check your monitors user manual to see what mode your monitor's "Display port stream" is set to by default, and if set to DP 1.1, change it to DP 1.2 using the monitors OSD ( On Screen Display).    


Once in DP 1.2 mode you should be able to up your graphic adapters output frequency to 60hz


Good Luck,

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad E550 4K/60Ghz support

Thanks for your response. I actually had the DP stream at version 1.2 and didn't know it. So that doesn't seem to be the issue. Is there anything else I can check? At this point, i'm wondering if it's the docking station that doesn't support 60 Hz.

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Re: Thinkpad E550 4K/60Ghz support

Hello jmaloneyjr,

I think you will find the following document of interest; it has a lot of information in regard to connectivity and video frame rates / frequencies.  Unfortunately it looks like you are stuck with 4K at 30Hz.


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