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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad E550 and OneLink Dock Pro, Monitor(s) flickering

Hi Guys!


We got 6 Thinkpad E550, all with OneLink Pro Docks.

All of them are connected with one or two external Monitors (only DP or DVI).

From time to time the Monitors starts flickering/blinking black. Its not reproducable. I've already patched all drivers and firmwares. OS was Windows 7 (64) and is now Windows 10 (64). Problems still exists - ON ALL SIX DEVICES, different monitors, cables ect..

Actual firmware seem to fix exactly this problem on x1 carbon notebooks:

Please release a firmware with fix for E550!


Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad E550 and OneLink Dock Pro, Monitor(s) flickering

Hi, I have been looking over the forum for a fix for the same issue.

I have an E550 and two identical workstation set-ups, one at home and one at work.


I have the same very intermittent flickering issue and when it occurs, I have to unplug the dock from the laptop, wait 20 seconds for it to calm down and then plug it back in.

I also have another intermittent issue where the USB ports will start to temporarily freeze (anoyingly it started half-way through writing this post) and again removing and re-connecting the dock fixes it for a short while.

I have also had the Ethernet connection fail (it doesnt look to have failed but I lose internet access even though it says I am connected) and again removing the dock cable and re-inserting fixes this.


The connectors look fine on the Laptop and both cables and it can happen after I have been using the laptop for some time. Giving the connector a wiggle does not do anything, it has to be totally removed and re-inserted.


The issue has been present since before I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 .


I have upgraded both Onelink pro docks firmware to the latest and upgraded the drivers to the latest but the issue persists.


I like the E550 which is a much better computer than my old Acer but I cannot continue with these issues and dont want to look to replace the Laptop which will now be out of warranty as sorting out all the activation licenses for my CAD and Software Compilers is a painfull process.


Thanks for reading,


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