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Thinkpad E550 and OneLink Dock Pro issues

I have an E550 and two identical workstation set-ups, one at home and one at work.


I have a couple of different issues with the laptop when I connect the dock where initially all seems fine but at some point every day, I start to get strange problems which can only be resolved by disconnecting the dock for 10-20 seconds and re-connecting.

Problems are:

1. My two external monitors turn off and back on (at the same time and it does not matter if I am using DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort).

2. Connected USB devices like keyboard and mouse lock up (I use Microsoft wireless at work and logitech at home and it happens to both).

3. My LAN connection keeps dropping and coming back on. Sometimes I just lose internet access even though it looks like I am connected, other times it drops it every minute or so.



When the problems start, they happen at regular intervals (i.e. every minute) rather than sporadic.


The connectors look fine on both cables and the Laptop and giving the connector a wiggle does not do anything, it has to be totally removed and re-inserted.


The issue has been present since before I upgraded from Win7 Proto Win10 Pro.


I have upgraded both Onelink pro docks firmware to the latest and upgraded the drivers to the latest but the issue persists.


I like the E550 which is a much better computer than my old Acer but I cannot continue with these issues and this is my last resort before falling out with Lenovo hardware altogether and replacing all our company laptops/yoga's etc. with Fujitsu U5 or U7 series.


Thanks for reading,


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