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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad E550 not booting from OneLink Dock with closed lid


Thinkpad E550

24" LG & BenQ Monitor (same error) (1920x1080 but error also on all other resolutions)

ThinkPad OneLink Dock with: Keyboard, Mouse, LAN, AC, DVI-to-HDMI Adapter for DVI cable



Hello everyone,


I've been working at the IT-department of a hospital and some of the workers are gettings E550 ThinkPads hooked up to Docking stations so that they can easily plug it off when they need to take it somewhere.

They run with 24" LG Monitors and ideally you'd just turn on the ThinkPad via the Docking Station and have everything ready in just about a minute.



However it doesn't work out that smoothly. We've hooked up two different E550 ThinkPads with two different OneLink Docks on to two different monitors, both of them showing the same errors.

A LOT of graphic changes result in the same error message.

LG: "Out of range, 40.4kHz, something Hz" (also went to 40,6kHz, not steady numbers)

BenQ: "Out of range"


When does it happen? A lot of times. When I change graphic options (primary screen, resolutions, dual screen mode, etc), when I reboot, even when I accessed the device manager once.

The worst thing is the rebooting though, everything else I got sorted out to the point where a normal user wouldn't really trigger that. However I cannot expect the workers to deal with that every time they wanna open up their workplace. I see the screen up to the point where it says "Windows is loading", I see the icon move and as soon as it finishes - black screen. And a few seconds after that, "Out of Range".

So at that point I have to open the lid, pull out the Docking Station's cable out of the ThinkPad, to regain my screen and be able to log in. At that point, more often than not, I can plug it back in, close the lid and operate the Laptop with Mouse and Keyboard.


What I'd like to achieve is, that I can start the laptop with a closed lid without having to go through all that trouble and "Out of Range" errors. I ran the update service and updated my bios, graphic drivers, solution center (also ran a test without errors) and OneLink Dock's driver.

At this point I'm just lost, I went through so much, I already tried around every option there is and I also tried some stuff in safe mode. There is also no other frequency I can choose than the 60Hz I chose.


I hope anyone is willing to take on my wall of text and has some advice I have yet to take. I have like 30 tabs open and none of them gave me my solution. Thanks a lot in advance!




Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-29-2016
Location: DE
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Re: Thinkpad E550 not booting from OneLink Dock with closed lid

Hello again!


Addition: It seems to work with a 19" Hanns.G HW191 screen. Even on higher resolutions (1440x900) used than with the 24" BenQ (tried pretty much every resolution possible), so maybe it's just compatibility with the screen or maximum possible screen size? LG AND BenQ however? Seems weird to me.

The 19" is, just like the others were, plugged in via DVI with an HDMI adapter. Any ideas so far? Otherwise we'll have to work with 19" screens, even though it's not very favorable.


Best regards,


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