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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

evolution: My problem RX550 was game problem only. I can switch each any program manually between graphics (economy=intel, high performance=RX550), even can I choose my card on program startup by special shorcut icon - edit: sometimes even iside a game, Mount&blade, for example). If you run intel only, your problem should be just in configuration/drivers. The real trouble which IMHO cannot be solved without bios, is: every "game" (Witcher3, specially, but not only) which fully uses RX550 suddenly "hanged" after 5 mins play due to misidentification of overheating RX by bios - after cooling period (1-2 mins) it gets full throttle for 2-3 mins and gets overheated again. I installed monitoring - overheated=72°C, cooled down cca 60°C, full RX550 core throttle = cca 1,2GHz, cooling = 200MHz. 1.13 has no cooling period, stable 77°C and 1-1,2Ghz. Who OMG/BD programed this? Stable 77°C may be less devastating than 60-72°C oscilation, should not? 


jwls: Did i get your post right -

1) ThrottleStop manipulates CPU only, not RX550 GPU, but can optimalize performance more than a bit?

2) Without 1.13 RX550 makes its "cooling slowdowns" even with optimalized CPU?

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

1. Yeah, ThrottleStop manipulates only CPU.
2. Correct.

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