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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

evolution: My problem RX550 was game problem only. I can switch each any program manually between graphics (economy=intel, high performance=RX550), even can I choose my card on program startup by special shorcut icon - edit: sometimes even iside a game, Mount&blade, for example). If you run intel only, your problem should be just in configuration/drivers. The real trouble which IMHO cannot be solved without bios, is: every "game" (Witcher3, specially, but not only) which fully uses RX550 suddenly "hanged" after 5 mins play due to misidentification of overheating RX by bios - after cooling period (1-2 mins) it gets full throttle for 2-3 mins and gets overheated again. I installed monitoring - overheated=72°C, cooled down cca 60°C, full RX550 core throttle = cca 1,2GHz, cooling = 200MHz. 1.13 has no cooling period, stable 77°C and 1-1,2Ghz. Who OMG/BD programed this? Stable 77°C may be less devastating than 60-72°C oscilation, should not? 


jwls: Did i get your post right -

1) ThrottleStop manipulates CPU only, not RX550 GPU, but can optimalize performance more than a bit?

2) Without 1.13 RX550 makes its "cooling slowdowns" even with optimalized CPU?

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

1. Yeah, ThrottleStop manipulates only CPU.
2. Correct.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

Same here...

I bought this machine last year and downgraded to 1.13 and am using like that since then.

I'm losing my hopes that Lenovo will ever fix that, but I'm ok using the old bios, everything working fine here.


Any words from bios 1.28 out there? Maybe something improved... I'm not really willing to test it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad E580 - Radeon RX 550 performance issue

Hello All,


I need your opinion, Would you advise me to buy E580 or not ? and is there anyone tested the new version of bios 1.28 ?




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