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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad EDGE - AMD - 8GB RAM ?


     I have recently bought a Thinkpad Edge (AMD / L625) to replace my dependable but very aged Dell Precision M50. The Think Pad Edge I think is a great machine and does everything that I want it to do. One minor niggle and I think it only bugs me because of my engineering background is the systems specs.


The Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1325 which is powered by the same processor and chipset can support 8GB of RAM, whereas the Edge can only support 4GB. Given that the memory controller is integrated into the Turion CPU and it is unlikely that Lenovo had AMD fab a custom CPU, shouldn't the edge also support 8GB of RAM.


Has anyone tested an 8GB of RAM on an edge?

If so does it work?

Have Lenovo limited the Edge's RAM capacity through its hardware or software implementation?

One final question if the system does support 8GB of RAM does the RADION 3200 IGP then take control of 512MB of system ram, rather than the 256MB when using 4GB of RAM.


I was only thinking about this upgrade as a midlife refresh to give the system a little bit more horsepower. Kingston, Crucial and Corsair, to name just a few all make compatible 4GB memory modules, or atleast they conform to the specs of the current 2GB modules.


Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Thinkpad EDGE - AMD - 8GB RAM ?

welcome to the forum!


since the edge likely wasn't tested with 6GB or 8GB, the specs didn't reflect the system's full capability.   the same thing happened with the X61 and T61 systems.   they were rated at 4GB maximum but many users (myself included) are successfully running 8GB.


i'm not personally aware of any limitations in memory.   8GB and even 16GB (if 8GB DDR3 modules are ever released to the public) should be possible.


with that said, i cannot say definitively whether 8GB is supported but i'd be very, very surprised if it weren't.   i have an edge sitting on my desk with 2 x 2GB installed but unfortunately don't have any 4GB DDR3 modules to test.   if i get my hands on a 4GB module or two before this system leaves my office then i'll let you know the results.


enjoy your new system!

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What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad EDGE - AMD - 8GB RAM ?

If you get the chance to try 8GB or even 16GB that would be great. At the moment I am really happy with the EDGE, but at some point I will want to tinker.





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Re: Thinkpad EDGE - AMD - 8GB RAM ?



Great question - as far as I can tell, this is just how we are marketing the system, so I'm going to share my observations but my intention is not to contradict the official specs as published on or the PSREF sheets..  


I did stop in one of our test labs this afternoon and we tried out a 4GB and an 8GB memory config on a ThinkPad Edge type 0196-22U. (2 X2 and 2 X 4)


This model has the Intel Core 2 duo while other versions may have AMD or the new Intel i5 / i7 models, so I wanted to just note this was the result on this particular model.


We had the system loaded with Win 7 64 bit.   With 4GB, the video system reported 128 MB dedicated video memory + 1623 MB of shred memory available.


With 8GB installed, Windows reported 8GB of system memory, and still 128MB of dedicated video memory + the same 1623 MB of shared memory available.


So, I conclude it does see more than 4GB, but the video memory allocated does not scale up, at least not on this model.   As time permits, I'll try to find other models of the edge and try other memory combinations and see if the allocated video memory ever changes.


Maybe Erik and others will share their results as well...


Best regards,



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Re: Thinkpad EDGE - AMD - 8GB RAM ?

Hello to everyone,


I apologize in advance for my english, hope it's understandable. 


I initially purchased a generic KVR 4Gb (KVR10066D3S7) memory module for my Edge 13, it's a 0196-XXX model with Intel Core 2 Duo and it succesfully recognized the 6Gb of memory, but as Mark says, it reported the same 128MB of dedicated video memory + the same 1623 MB of shared memory available that reported with 4Gb.


After that test, I bought both 4Gb kingston memory replacements (2 KTL-TP1066/4G) for the machine and it recognizes the 8Gb but still the same 128MB of dedicated video memory + the same 1623 MB of shared memory.


I am now using vmware for my virtual appliances and they perform greatly. I guess that unless that you are a gamer or work in a design/engeneering environment, the video memory "limitation" won't be a liability.


My congratulations to Lenovo, this laptop is a great achievment in portbility, efficiency and economy for small biz.


I hope that my experience will be useful for another Edge owners.




Abel Martinez



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