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Token Ring
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Re: Touchpad

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This little Two finger scroll program is amazing! It offers the best scrolling experience of all the laptops I have had.


I set up two finger tap to work as a right mouse click, and it has much faster response than with either Synaptic's or Ultranav's driver. It's just instant response...


Two finger scrolling on my Edge 220s with Lenovo's drivers is just terrible, often choppy and unresponsive. One finger scrolling is little better but still far from perfect. This little program solves it all...


Thanks a lot for posting it!

bane126 wrote:

I found this is another thread, it works awesome.  2 finger scrolling works wonderful now and I can still pinch and zoom.  



For two finger scrolling, go into UltraNav and disable the Smart Check filtering settings. If this still doesn't cut it, disable two finger scrolling for UltraNav and use the TwoFingerScroll utillity found here:

What's DOS?
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Re: Touchpad

I bought E520 a week ago, and I also have problems with my touchpad, it stops responding for some time and starts working when i grind it with my fingers for a few seconds.... 

and there are other problems with lenovo system update, some updates are there like windows KBxxxx update and new power manager, but its not possible for me to install them, every time i finish the download and start installing the installer says its not possible to install....


thats 2 issues(sorry for OT),and the third would be weird font blur i experience on top of the web pages,half of the display is ok, and the upper part is somewhat blurry...



Thats its, for the first week I guess

Punch Card
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Re: Touchpad

So one solution I was told is to just turn off the touchpad and use a mouse (great, I buy a brand new computer and the "solution" is to turn off the pointing device.)


Anyone know how to turn off the touchpad?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Touchpad

Looks like touchpad has a lot of issues.  Good thing I come upon this thread because I am planning to buy one.Anyways I am still a lenovo fan...

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

I haven't had the patience to read all the posts in this thread so I am not sure if I'm not repeating something that's already been said. Anyway, I am trying to enable touchpad when typing. I've been searching all over the internet, but haven't found a solution yet (but found dozens of solutions to disable the touchpad while typing). I've looking through the driver, including under the UltraNav tab (control panel - mouse), but haven't found anything referring to that. I am really annoyed by this, because there's a little latency after finishing typing and if I try to move the scroll immediately after I have typed, I can't, I have to wait a little.

So are there any solutions to turning my touchpad into a normal touchpad?



Thank you

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

All right, have found a solution into the mouse driver after all. I've searched the forum and found out that PalmCheck did the trick and there's a sensitivity bar that can be modified according to how fast you want your touchpad to react after you struck a key. Sorry for post unnecessary, but I did search for some time, and only now did I find what I was looking for.
Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

OK is there a fix for this or what? I just got this E520 two days ago and like everyone else on this forum my touchpad is not working properly. It becomes unresponsive and freezes for a few seconds before I can use it again. Changing the sensitivity does not help.  Is there a fix for this or do I have to return for a refund?

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

I'm having the same problem with my e420s, except my touchpad will randomly start doing stuff when I'm trying to use it and not while I'm typing.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Touchpad

Good Afternoon.  I am a newby on this board.  I am also a newbie using the Lenovo Edge.  I have had my Edge 14 for approximately 1 week.  At first everything was fine but within hours I started experiencing a jumpy cursor when I was typing.  I have arthritis, so using a mouse on my computers is more comfortable than a trackpad, so the first thing I wanted to do was disable the trackpad.  I found that even after disabling the trackpad, my cursor would skip all over the place when I was typing.  I have read every one of the posts on this thread and decided to uninstall the UltraNav and it's current driver.  I downloaded the older version driver, made sure that Windows would not try to update the driver and then I installed the older driver.  WORKED like a charm.  The older driver and trackpad software does not have all of the advanced features.  I was able to disable the trackpad in the software and now, no more skipping around causing me to type stuff where I did not want to type stuff. 


So for anyone who is not particularly interested in using the trackpad or with advanced features that has been experiencing the skipping around of the cursor, you might give the older driver a try and see if it does not solve your problem; it sure solved mine.  Older driver:


Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread, I was almost ready to sell this baby and get a Toshiba or a Sony Vaio.



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Re: Touchpad

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Konnichiwa.  Forum e yokoso!


Thanks for the helpful post and link.



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