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Blue Screen Again
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Touchpad issues

I've been a longtime user of Thinkpads, usually T series.


I broke down and bought a Thinkpad Edge 13" a few weeks ago. The touchpad just plain stinks.


Why mess with something that worked? This one doesn't work. It pauses when you're moving it. It stops responding to your touch at random intervals. It seems to be completely a piece of hardward steaming pile of uselessness.


Yes, I've tried all the fixes. The PalmCheck is turned all the way to the minimum and so is the sensitivity. Nothing seems to work or help fix it.


This is such a serious issue with no apparent fix, thinking of returning the laptop. It's just not worth the hassle, especially for a BRAND NEW computer!! How this touchpad design ever made it out of Q&A is beyond me. Anyone who's used an older T series (despite its tiny touchpad) and then moved on to this one would be horrified. As am I.




Punch Card
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Re: Touchpad issues



Hey man,


Had exactly the experience you've just described above.


I went to get my touchpad replaced today under warrenty (the laptop is ~3 weeks old) - Guess what? - Replacing the touchpad didnt change a thing.


So, here we are - The touchpad still showing unacceptable behavior - What to do?



What's DOS?
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Re: Trackpad temporarily frozen when resuming from sleep


@erehsines wrote:


To avoid restarting, try opening task manager when the pad fails and check for the process 'SynTPEnh.exe'
That is the processes that freezes and runs on max single cpu for me. If it looks like it's the problem, end it, and to regain multitouch functionality just reopen it:
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
otherwise, it seems like lowering the palm touch sensitivity (away from the read region) helps me.
If any of these help, please report back.
Good luck.


I just got my t510 last week and was experiencing thes "issues" thankyou for the temporary fix.  Hopefully Lenovo will release an update soon



Punch Card
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Re: Touchpad issues

I'm having trouble with the touchpad, too. Moving from a Sony Vaio to a ThinkPad Edge just two weeks ago, the current cursor position appears just to jump from one place to another at random. However, I think this is due to the multi-touch capability of the touchpad. It just happens all the time that I inadvertently touch it with my knuckles and the cursor starts jumping - something that non-multi-touchpads just wouldn't do. Hence, although it is hard for me to get used to it, I'm still convinced that this behaviour it's just due to my clumsy fingers ;-.)


The only really awkward thing about the touchpad is: it's hard to determine its edge without looking onto it. Sometimes I try to scroll up and down with my fingers right off the touchpad or too far in the middle of it. A noticeable border and a different haptic of touchpad and chassis would be much preferable.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Touchpad issues

Here's the thing... I thought that inadvertant touching of the touchpad might also be the cause of the problem. It's a much larger touchpad than the last generation's.


So for a few days, I carefully avoided touching the touchpad with anything other than my fingers to move the cursor. Palms were nowhere near the touchpad.


The computer exhibits the same behavior. It's as though it were sensing my palms, even though they are nowhere near it!


Look, I just want a reliable and old-fashioned touchpad that works reliably. I don't care about the dozen new features they added to this version, because they all stink in comparison to having a mouse touchpad that actually works like the old ones did.


I see little point in having the stupid touchpad replaced -- it doesn't sound like that's fixing anything. It's either a problem with this whole design of the touchpad they used, or a serious software issue they still haven't gotten a handle on.


C'mon lenovo -- where's the fix???




Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad issues


Hi Everyone!


I have bought  a ThinkPad Edge 14, 0578BRQ model, Core i3, 2GB RAM DDR3, 320GB HDD just two weeks back


Even I am having the same problem. The touchpad is frozen making it uncomfortable. I have installed all the drivers that were available on 20th Aug, 2010 on Lenovo's website.


Please suggest on how to proceed for to resolve this trouble. Hoping for a response from Lenovo!



-- Amit Oza

Serial Port
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Re: Touchpad issues

a temporary "fix," if you don't want to have to bother with the multitouch bugging on you (if you have the same symptoms as I described in previous posts), would be to just disable the multi-touch feature/synaptics manager by removing SynTPEnh.exe from startup. You can look up msconfig somewhere to see how, but be warned that wantonly/randomly disabling things can be pretty bad for system stability.


I would LOVE to hear back from Lenovo on this issue as well. It's been a while since we heard from and admin.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Touchpad



I am having similar problems with my 2 month old Edge 13 (along with screen and wireless problems). The touchpad ‘freezes’ every few seconds and then responds again, then freezes again etc etc



  • Model
  • Edge 13 NUD2EMN
  • BIOS version (Latest?)
  • 6YET32WW (1.15)
  • OS loaded (ex. Win 7 64bit)
  • Win 7 64bit
  • Lenovo default OS?
  • Yes
  • Issue happen on Battery / AC / Both?
  • Both
  • Updates from TVSU completed?
  • See comment below
  • Updates from Windows Updates?
  • Fully updated
  • Power Manager Version
  • 3.25
  • Power Management Driver
  • ???
  • Touchpad version driver installed
  • See comment below
  • RAM installed (brand and 1 x 4gb, 1 x 2gb, 2 x 2gb?)
  • I think 2 x 2Gb (came with laptop)
  • Any error notification before issue occured?
  • No
  • 3rd party application installed before issue happen?
  • No
  • Any particular application which is running on the time this issue arises?
  • No
  • Running on battery? AC? Docked on station?
  • Battery and AC
  • Additional comments which you think might help.


I use the PC in normal office and home environments. The weather here in Norway is rarely hot or humid! The problem is not random. It happens all the time.


I have increased touch pad sensitivity which has not helped. The pointer works fine.


I have run all the machine diagnostics I can think of (All passed). My machine says that all drivers and BIOS are up to date.


I followed the link below from Cleo from I think a post on 11 June 2010


I downloaded and installed the driver from this page. The version on my machine before the update download was: (4-22-2010)


But it looks to me as the driver update on this page is the same ( as what I had previously on my machine. However the issue date is 2 July 2010 from the above link, whereas the issue date on what was on my machine was (4-22-2010). I don’t know if these dates makes any difference?


So right now after installing this update, the version I have on my machine is currently (4-22-2010).


I also don’t know if the installed driver (2 July 2010) was installed in the correct folder etc. The folder it wanted to install the driver into is not the same as the folder that the original driver is installed in.


Some help would be much appreciated. The issue is extremely frustrating and annoying.


Many thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

There have been more than 40 odd people complaining regarding the touchpad. Hope to get a response from LENOVO ASAP!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Touchpad

"There have been more than 40 odd people complaining regarding the touchpad. Hope to get a response from LENOVO ASAP!"


Could not agree more. If this isn't sorted out soon this is the first AND last Lenovo I'm buying 

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