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Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

Jamez do I have to uninstall any drivers before installing the ultranav driver?  Also my problem is specifically the cursor which freezes ocassionally and i can only start moving it again by clicking on something.  No problems with zooming in and out on firefox

What's DOS?
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Re: Touchpad

for JameZ


Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

wow jamez that actually seems to have worked thanks a lot!.  Now one more question for you good sir:

I have one more problem and if i get this fixed ill be completely satisfied with my lenovo system.  Everytime I watch videos that i downloaded they freeze for a half a second while playing them.  I have tried playing them in vlc and windows media player and it happens in both.  Like I said previously the computer is new I just got it a week ago (refurbished) i have an i3 and 2 gb of RAM so I doubt its a hardware issue.  Is it possible that my video driver is out of date?  Any suggestions would be appreciated

Former Employee
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Re: Touchpad


Maybe try running ThinkVantage System update to ensure all drivers are up to date.

2nd one I can think of is try downloading Windows Media Classic and use CCC codecs or klite codec pack and see if it helps. Could be a codec issue. Also does all your videos you watch have this?

Also freeze half a second before the video starts or in between?


Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

Jamez thanks I figured out it was the **bleep** airbag protection system.  The sensativity was all the way up,and anytime I made the slightest movement the hard drive would stop. 

PS:Update on trackpad, still not 100% satisfied the trackpad has its issues but downloading the driver helped greatly.

What's DOS?
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Re: Touchpad

Mark I have a thinkpad edge model 0199-23u and I would like to find a way to turn off the touch pad.   I prefer to use the track point.   What happens is my left thumb drags when I ready for the T key when typing and when I brush the touch pad it drops my pointer or clicks on whatever the pointer is over at the time that happens.  


So I helps me look like an idiot when it sends an email before I am done composing it etc...   Any instructions or a way to install a different driver for the mouse/pointer would be very helpful.  Thanks in advance for any help. 



Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

Right Click on desktop background < Click Change Mouse Pointers < Click UltraNav tab < Unclick Enable Touchpad 

That should do the trick

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad

I recently got my ThinkPad Edge 14 from Lenovo (shipped from China) but I am facing a strange problem. The mouspad is working fine in all the respects except that its upper right half portion is "dead" in scrolling. I can scroll from bottom to up all the length of the mouspad but somehow the oppoite is not true. I cannot scroll down using the upper right corner. I believe this is a hardware problem. I have updated the drivers on my laptop, even installed the drivers from synaptics website as well but of no help so far. Please suggest if I should consider requesting the lenovo customer services to repair this problem. Its creating a nuisance in my web browsing experience and I am very much frustrated for the laptop is just out of the box (brand new) and I am having this problem. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Solved all touchpad problems by installing Synaptics reference driver

I just got my Thinkpad Edge and was mortified to discover the touchpad issues right out of the box. I had intermittent touchpad problems on the R61 too, but battled through them for 3 years><


Anyway, I was infuriated that I would have to go through all the above listed solutions so in an act of desperation I disabled the Track Point (Theory being maybe there is some kind of conflict with both being active at the same time) and viola, the trackpad is working flawlessly now.


Maybe that will help some of you.




Thinkpad Edge Windows 7 64bit (Synaptics UltraNav Pointing Device Driver)


Punch Card
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Re: Touchpad

Try uninstalling the Lenovo touchpad drivers and installing the generic ones from Synaptics.


For a quick workaround.. if you're having the issue, open the Task Manager and terminate the SynTP*.exe processes. This should get the touchpad working again temporarily.

[Lenovo Edge 13, Type 0197-26U w/ 4 GB RAM]

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