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Re: Touchpad

Sorry but I can't help. I can only say that the E530 has a real bad touchpad. All the time you tap it it makes a click-noise. So I started to learn using the dedicated buttons. However Lenovo removed these seperate buttons since Edge E531 (and E540) and THIS is now the worst touchpad ever I have used - and I used many in my life. That is the biggest cra_p I have ever used.

Sorry, but I had to mention that. Cat Mad

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Re: Touchpad

I need the firmware for the Synaptics TouchPad V8.1 on PS2 Port - Board id: 2079 (TM-02079-001).
Without this firmware the touchpad is not usable. Please, someone from lenovo can provide me this firmware?

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Re: Touchpad



I'm having very annoying issues with my Thinkpad Yoga S1 touchpad. It often occurs that after resuming from standby my touchpad doesn't register cursor movement. Surprisingly gestures like two finger scrolling still work but single finger movement is ignored and I can't move my cursor. I always have to restart to make it work again.

The Ultranav driver version is

I hope this gets fixed as I am already very unpleased with this product.

Thank you.

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Re: Touchpad

My touchpad stopped responding to any taps for clicking, but I noticed the driver was updated recently (5/7/14) so I had it roll back to the prior driver and now it's working ok.  The driver is back to the one dated 2/25/14 ( ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device.

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Re: Touchpad



My click on the keyboard won't work on my lenovo x1 carbon, but tapping does work. When I click it makes the screen scroll and it gets really annoying because I can't click the little box on the bottom left, I have to tap it.

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Re: Touchpad

Also when I click on a tab, it just deletes it, but when I tap on it, it goes to the tab. It would be huge help if someone could help thanks.

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Re: Touchpad

Every now and again I decide to research this. I recently found out that when Windows detects more than one driver for a mouse or touchpad, it starts to revert the settings causing settings not to survive a reboot. Now I don't know whether Thinkpads have two touchpad drivers, one from Microsoft and one from Lenovo, or whether the fact that there is a touchpad and a trackpoint which is the duplication in drivers causing the problem. I will try to find out. Either way does anyone know how to remove windows drivers for a touchpad or mouse? Or at least see a list of drivers that are on the computer. I was under the impression when one driver is installed the previous one, except last, is removed or overwritten.



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Re: Touchpad

recently bought a thinkpad E540.  It worked for a little over a month and now I'm having the same trackpad issues that it seems legions of others are having.  It started with losing trackpad functions after 15-30 min following boot, but now reboot no longer restores any function.  Symptoms are as follows:


-cursor only moves at all when using two fingers and only on right side of trackpad, with intermittent and choppy movement of cursor.  

-Two finger gestures (scroll) do not work

-tapping (clicking) does not work

-amount of pressure does not make a difference


It happens on AC and battery. all available software updates are installed.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Synaptics driver (, but that has no effect.  There are no error messages that come up.  It does not appear to depend of programs that are open or number of programs that are open .  Maybe I missed it somewhere in the 24 pages of complaints about this problem, but is there a fix for this yet?  Does Lenovo understand what the problem is?




Thinkpad E540

Win7 Pro (64-bit)

BIOS: J9ET88WW (2.08)


What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad Edge AMD Touchpad sometime work and sometime won´t

Anyone out there found a fix for this yet?  Lenovo?  Hello?


The exact same problem started up for me about two weeks ago and I have yet to find an acceptable solution (sorry, for a portable laptop, "plug in a USB mouse" is not acceptable).  Problem started out of the blue - was working fine for months, and then not at all.  Things I have tried:


Upgrade to Windows 10 (problem started in 8.1, making me believe it is not a OS problem)

Update drivers

Uninstall all drivers, reinstall drivers


Shut down, wait a few days, start up

At best, I can get the touchpad to work for a couple of minutes.  


Things that do work:

USB mouse (no problems)

Trackpoint button

Touchpad click when using trackpoint to move cursor (thus, I don't believe this is a hardware issue)

Two-finger drag-to-select (sort of - it only selects whatever is closest to the cursor at the time)


System specs:

Lenovo Thinkpad L540

Synaptics Ultranav pointing device

Windows 10 Home

Intel i5-4200 CPU @2.5 GHz


64-bit OS (yes, I did download the correct drivers)

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