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Thinkpad Edge E130 sierra wireless mc8355 gobi 3000 no connection

Hello everyone,


I'm facing a problem with the Thinkpad E130 and the integrated Sierra Wireless MC8355 Gobi 3000 broadband modem. I can't use them with my SIM cards. No connection is established. I'm sure that a modem is integrated since it was specifcally ordered with it and it shows up in the device manager.


What I ruled out:

- Hardware defect: There is a second Thinkpad E130 with the same setup, where it doesn't work either.

- Service provider problem: Tried two SIM cards from two different service providers.

- SIM card problem: SIM cards work in mobile 3G router.


What I did:

- Shut down the notebook

- Put a sim card in the slot in the back of the laptop, behind the battery.

- Reboot the notebook and start the Thinkvantage Access Connections software.

- The sim card usually does get detected and a suitable profile is shown automatically.

- Nonethless I created a profile myself. More exactly two profiles for the two service providers. The data for the APN, etc. is gathered either from the internet or from a second software I use.

- I try to connect with the profile which is automatically shown and the self-created profiles.

- It tries for several minutes but then quits with an error message: 'Unable to connect to network at this time due to out of coverage or Your SIM-card may not be activated. Please see Lenovo Mobile Broadband Actviation or contact your mobile operator. Do you want to sign up now?'


- I tried to connect with a second software called MWconn, which fails too. So I would rule out application problems, too.

- I've tried to use MWconn with deactivated and with uninstalled Access Connections. To avoid interferences with the COM port.


Now, my question is what I overlooked. Is there something, that I have to do first?


I've read something of an activation but I thougth this was specifcally for the Lenovo Mobile Access programm. Which is nice but not interesting for me. But do I have to activate the modem first, nonetheless?


I don't know if it's important but the laptops have been bought and are tested in Germany. And another thing is that MWconn asks for my PIN and Access Connection doesn't. But I also tried it with deactivated PIN, which doesn't change the problem.


Rest of the setup

- Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.

- ThinkVantage Access Connections v6.22

- MWconn v5.9


If there is any other info missing, please feel free to ask.

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