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Thinkpad Edge E520 - random shutdowns.



I consistently experience random shutdowns with my Thinkpad Edge E520. However, the shutdowns only seem to occur when it is connected to the Lenovo USB 2.0 Port-Replicator with Digital Video through which I link the notebook with a Lenovo monitor and a Lenovo keyboard.


So far there have been no shutdowns when the notebook is running on its own without the port-replicator. However, I mostly use the notebook with the port replicator so that this observation may not be representative.


Is it possible that using the port-replicator leads to shutdowns? Has anyone any experience with that?


A different potential source of the problem may be the RAM: One RAM-card is manufactured by Samsung, the other by Kingston, the latter having been added by the PC vendor. Does Lenovo actually manufacture the RAM-cards it sells in its own shop or is it supplied with RAM-cards from another RAM-card-manufacturer like Samsung and simply labels those with Lenovo stickers so that it doesn't make a difference which one one buys?


Could the recovery of the system software help? I don't see how as Windows obviously recognises both RAM-cards and the Lenovo RAM-test confirms them as fully operable.




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Re: Thinkpad Edge E520 - random shutdowns.

download Prime95 and run it without the port replicator inserted, see whether it causes any sort of shutdown.

What if you link the monitor directly to the laptop HDMI or VGA?

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