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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad Edge E530 + Ultrabay extra hard drive = 10minute freeze on reboot...?

I just bought an ultrabay caddy for my Thinkpad Edge E530 (3632QM i7 quad core). The ultrabay first did not fit inside but I removed some plastic juts from it with a knife and drill Smiley Very Happy. Now it fits in the slot, and the hard drive does seem to work when the machine is on.


The only problem is that when you try to shut down the computer or reboot, it "thinks" for about 10 minutes before it actually shuts down the computer or reboots. I tried many things, I installed OS from scratch and it still does it. Immediately when I disconnect the ultrabay and put the machine on again the problem disappears. I tried changing various settings from BIOS but it does not help. I disabled rapidstart and removed the 16GB SSD, no change.


OS is Win7-64bit. Any idea what could be causing this...? I think the most logical quess would be that something assumes that there is still an optical drive inside the computer even that there isn't and this causes the delay. Although I really don't understand how this could be as SATA is standard bus and you should be able to connect anything into it.




By the way the Ultrabay i bought  is made by Leicke:



BIOS version is the latest (was it 2.08 or something...?)



Fanfold Paper
Posts: 31
Registered: ‎08-21-2010
Location: FI
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Re: Thinkpad Edge E530 + Ultrabay extra hard drive = 10minute freeze on reboot...?

OK, so I examined the issue more and it seems to be about power management. When I disable Intel Speedstep and  the setting below it (CPU Power Management was it...?), this problem disappears. I also noticed that the same delay is when I try to get the computer to sleep.


Of course it is not really good idea to use a laptop without these settings being on so another solution must be found. I guess there must be BIOS support for a hard drive in the DVD-bay in order for it to work with power management enabled. The question is that 1. should there be such a support...? 2. if there isn't will there be with a BIOS update...?


Btw.. I tested with 2 hard drives with both the same issue.




If it becomes clear that there is no way to get a hard drive to work in DVD-bay with power management on, can you make such configuration that you buy 256GB msata SSD, install OS into it, and have a hard drive in the normal HD-bay...?


Or would the machine go crazy when it tries to search for a non-existing rapidstart partition from msata...?

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