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Thinkpad Edge E530 Wireless Issues with users logging into Windows Domain

Just purchased 44 E530 each with Intel Centrino N2230 Wireless card.  Windows 7 installed, laptops log into a Windows domain across (Aruba) wireless AP's.  Issue with speed but mainly ability to actually login via Wireless environment. 


Scenario - group 30/31 students try to log in to domain using Wireless but only 6/7 will be able to connect.  Others sit at the 'Welcome' screen.  After 5/10 minutes we reboot the laptops that haven't logged in.  Of these a few may log in this time round (allbeit slowly).  Other students reboot again and gradually a few more will be able to log in.  Others will again just sit at 'welcome' screen.  On a good session all users MIGHT be able to log in but it could take over half an hour because of repeated reboots required.  The wireless driver has been updated but this made little or no difference.  I've also set a Windows Group Policy to 'wait on login' as it was thought the issue might be the Thinkpads needing to see the Wireless LAN before the user tried to log in to the Windows domain.


If one of the laptops is tested with Ethernet connection then it works as expected, so it is definitely wireless related. 


any advise from anyone? 






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