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Thinkpad Edge E530 recovery partition

hey, not very long ago I did a dual boot on my Lenovo Thinkpad E530 and things went wrong and I had to re-install the whole OS


Problems I had:

1. I was given Windows 8 Pro recovery discs and I wanted to keep the Windows 7 Pro that came with it when I bought the computer

2. During recovery with Win8 disc, system failed and NOTHING could be done to the computer after that

3. There seemed to be no way to access the recovery SSD Partition whatsoever\

4. Failure to recover with Win8Pro have made the computer COMPLETELY unusable and all drives were formatted.


Solution at the time:

a. I am a Univ student with access to free genuine OS and I used my previllages to re-install Windows 7 Pro

b. I called Lenovo for a new set of recovery discs but this time Windows 7 Pro. It never arrived so I gave them a call again tonight. 2 days before end of warranty


Problems from it:

a1, Drivers. Not even LAN Drivers were installed. I had to download individual packages through another computer then transfer them over. I think after I had the internet working Lenovo solution center solved the rest of it.

a2. I called Lenovo twice regarding the recovery discs and they are second them again as the first set never arrived.

a3. I now have a very stable W7Pro system with the student key and etc. but SSD Partition was wiped out during the re-installation of OS



α- If I have the recovery disks soon. Will the recovery discs restore the SSD partition as well?


β- If the SSD recovery partition is working, how do I access it?


γ- Currently SSD portion is used for a virtual machine for linux. As I am purchasing a separate laptop I no longer need this part. I wouldn't mind putting the recovery portion back into it.

How would you re-install the recovery partition in the SSD without wiping out the OS?


δ Same regarding how to activate the recovery on T410 as that is my other machine which will be running a Linux system.

ε The T410 will be refurbished, I am unsure of the warranty. How can I find access to the recovery disc for that?


Thank you for your time



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