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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Edge E540 Issues

Can someone help me out with these issues.


Bought the Thinkpad Feb 28th 2015
Preload win7  was corrupt Temprature on win 7 pro CPU package: 28/34 degrees HDD 28/35 degrees (so perfect)

Problems included:

0: Many black stripes on screen at startup, before and after login windows
1: Regular white stripes on screen which  made scrolling also a problem
2: after several scans error missing files in root (windows)
3: Connect VGA cable and became verry hot at the fan site
4: USB 3.0 transfer transfer of 2/9 Mbps
5: SSHD regularly gives a hard tick ?? SSHD defect?
6: Upon further investigation of the case is all a bit dismayed at the left side (we call that here a monday morning machine)
7: Screen saver will not activate
Ect Ect Ect

After two months of struggling around with de preload win 7 pro i deceide to use the self made recovery disks taht i made from the Q disk. Which a dude on the phone from Lenovo help center said to me that it is Win 7 on it. BUT it didn't even work well and after putting in all the disks it keeps asking "Put in Driver or application dvd". No luck with that so i used the dvd's Win8.1 pro that came with the Thinkpad.

win 8.1 pro recovery done however the installation took me around 5 hours to be done.
Also did the BIOS update done from Lenovo Solution Center/ update tool to 2.19

Then the real trouble began.

When placed the recovery DVD there broke yet another piece of plastic off for the second time.

Install Win 8.1 Pro recovery discs lasted almost 5 hours?

Boot lasted around 3.5min
Within 5 min idle CPU temp: 50 / 60graden HDD: 45/50 degrees even with an good cooler system under need the Laptop.
Looks like the fan got it's own life and doesn't even go on at 60 degrees but it will activate at 45 degrees???
Lenovo Solution Center no: serial number and product type?
BIOS boot error messages:

0187: EAIA data access error
2200: Machine model and serial number are invalid
2201: Machine UUID is invalid

So yesterday i downgraded the Thinkpad with my own win7 pro and it didn't solve anything.

Complete hardware scan in solution center did not found any mistakes? all successful? I doubt it very much.

At this point i'm updating the system and only the Fingerprint tool is taking more then an hour and a half to instal. and take like 2 min to open an other application. Can't work like this Smiley Sad


Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-11-2015
Location: Holland
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Re: Thinkpad Edge E540 Issues

Well i found out that it's a mainboard issue, made him ready for repaire center.

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