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Thinkpad Edge Screen Question - Glossy HD Screen vs.

I'm looking into buying a new Thinkpad to replace my trustworthy but aging T42. When I look at the various Edge models, I see that there are different types of screens across the 13/14/15 inch models.


  • The 13" Edge page refers to "Glare" HD screens;
  • The 14" Edge page refers to Glossy HD screens; and
  • The 15" Edge page refers both to "Glare" HD and Anti-Glare HD screens.

Is there a difference (other than size) for screens across the 13/14/15 inch model lines? By "Glare" does Lenovo mean "Glossy", or did they just forgot to add "Anti-" before "Glare"


I saw the 14" Edge model at Best Buy. The laptop looked nice and functioned well, barring the exceptionally glossy screen. It reflected the store's lights a lot, so I'm doubting it's ability to be a good laptop outdoors. On the bright side, I could probably use it as a mirror in the morning...


If the other Edge models have the same screen, I'll consider buying a T410... or another business-line laptop from another manufacturer.

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Re: Thinkpad Edge Screen Question - Glossy HD Screen vs.

what a match... I also have T42 and planning to buy T410 or edge series.. Your query is exaxtly as mine.Please let me know what you bought and why?


Serial Port
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Re: Thinkpad Edge Screen Question - Glossy HD Screen vs.

I ordered a 15" Edge with the "Anti-Glare HD screen". It is the "old-style" matte finish LCD screen like the T42 has. It is not the shiny glass screen.

The glass screens seem to be the new standard. Most notebooks seem to have them. The glass screens look great in the dark. They actually seem to look brighter & crisper to me. ... However, that's only in the dark. I've never used one, but it seems that when used in a lighted room, you would be constantly moving the screen or your head to avoid glare. I'm not sure why they are so popular?

To be honest, when you see a matte screen and a glass screen right beside each other in the store, the glass screen seems shiny and beautiful. The matte screen seems dull, boring, and seems like yesterdays technology. ... However, in the real world, I still prefer the old matte screens!!!
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad Edge Screen Question - Glossy HD Screen vs.

I would suggest to buy T410 and not any of the edge model. I bought an edge myself and struggling with the way it behaves..


I also have an office laptop - T400 and I feel so relaxed and comfortable when I am on the T400. The edge on the other hand ,my personal one , is sluggish on touchpad which I guess Lenovo isnt going to fix ever.. There is an ongoing thread going on this forum reagarding the touchpad, but its never updated with a resoulution, but twith he cries of more and more user having it on their Edge..


The touchpad sluggishness is somekind of inherent bug..which I dont know when would be resolved.. I would say dont go for Edge..a T410 is anyday better than and an edge.I am myself looking to return my Edge it warranty allows and would look for T410 or a Sony..




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Re: Thinkpad Edge Screen Question - Glossy HD Screen vs.

I'll agree that the Edge touchpad is "quriky" to say the least. I think I've finally learned how to use it, but the user shouldn't have to 'learn' or change their behavior to use a touchpad. ... It should just work.

My previous home computer was an Apple MacBook. ... where the touchpad, and everything else, works exactly like a casual user would expect it to work. So I'm obviously learning to deal with some unusual aspects of Windows & and the Edge.

I moved off the Apple partly as a political statement. The trend of fanboys financing Apple products as a fashion statements has turned me off. I'd hate to look like just another douchebag who bought a MacBook to look cool. ... but I gotta say. That thing just worked exactly like most casual users would want it to right out of the box.

I often say that the designers of many products must not ever use those products. Whoever owns the design and implementation of the Edge touchpad is probably a trackpoint user that has never really used the touchpad exclusively. If they used it, they would hate it and would have never released the Edge with the current touchpad configuration.

So my anti-Apple political movement is being hindered by the touchpad, by strange (and slow) behaviour of Rescue & Recovery / Windows Backup, by difficulty in changing Windows system icons, etc, etc. ... It's just a bunch of little dinky things like that, which are annoying. ... Especially from an Apple expatriot where all that stuff just worked without even thinking about it.

.... I realize that making a political statement by sideing with Microsoft is pretty much a cop-out. I'd love to have a Linux notebook, but I just don't have the patience to handle all of the setup and configuration tasks!

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