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Thinkpad Edge eSATA + USB 2.0 Combo Port

I wondering by chance if this port, or select models ports in the Edge line were powered eSATA?


I know that recent Thinkpads have began to equip them with the powered eSATA ports, but also some combo ports are allegedly supplying power too.


This is of a concern because I'd like to plug in internal laptop HDD via this with just the SATA cable to them, but now that I have the cable it doesn't seem to work. 


I am suspecting the answer to my question is no, but because this laptop has been acting buggy and the cable is from china, theres reason to suspect it might be one of those two as the fault and simply not the lenovo being without powered eSATA.


I have the Edge 14, Type 0578 - U26

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