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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad Yoga 11e - 1802 Unauthorized Network Card error

Greetings all.


I've been having connectivity issues with my Thinkpad Yoga 11e. I'd be online and then network dropped in the next instance and the computer was having problems reconnecting to the wifi signal. I'd say it's an internet issue except no other device in the home (iPhones, iPad, Kindle, HP work laptop) don't experience this problem. 


To combat this, I opened my machine up, saw I had an Intel 7260NGW, went to Amazon and purchased the same model. I'm not looking for an upgrade, I'm looking for fewer dropped connections. 


Fast forward to this evening and I get the "1802: Unauthorized Network Card is plugged in - power off and remove the network card (8086 / 0881 / 8086 / C070)".


How do I have compatibility issues if I bought the same model card? And what card can I get to replace the one I have if not the same model? 


Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me! 

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 11e - 1802 Unauthorized Network Card error



Historically, this may be the most common question here on the forums.


In order to pass the BIOS whitelist a card must be a listed model AND have a listed Lenovo FRU number.  As you've discovered, a "generic"  7260 won't pass.


The card models and FRUs are shown in the laptop's system service parts list.  There are several different Yoga 11e machine types so I can't link a specific partst list.  You'll find them here:



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 11e - 1802 Unauthorized Network Card error

 I am glad to have discovered someone with a similar problem.  I am also glad I didn't assume that a generic card would have worked, because with all Intel's lately (6200 ultimate and 7260-AC) I see very poor connection reliability.  Thank you for sharing your experience.

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 11e - 1802 Unauthorized Network Card error

I am having the same problem. We are replacing motherboards for 12 systems and it gives that error on the first 2 we replaced. We actually have the original wireless cards and they have FRU on them of 04X6087. The motherboards are 1 rev difference, DA0LI5MB6I0 (original) DA0LI5MB6H0 with the replacmenet board being 1 rev older. Would a different version of the bios have different hardware white list?

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