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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad e560 deteriorated in a year

Hi, first of all to start I know that this is user based, but I don't know how to get in touch with actual customer support. 


I bought a Thinkpad E560 laptop with an i7 core processor in 2015 for use with school and used it lightly everyday. It would travel in my backpack to and from school, and never got bumped around or had fallen. Slowly in 2016, it started to have issues with the screen, and I thought it had been fixed by purchasing a new screen and but the problems steadily arose. We then thought it was the graphics cable so we changed that to find that it didn't work at all. I took it into the shop again and they looked and found it was the board failure after trying different parts to make it function. 


I thought this was strange because I only had had it for abot a year and 3 months at that point which seemed like an awfully short time to have it fail on me like that. 


I had bought a Lenovo because I had watched so many reviews and it seemed like the best choice for me at the time because I needed a powerful laptop. I didn't think that light every day usage would resort in the board failing within a year and 3 months. I only bought warranty for a year because I was sure that it was going to last me a long time. I saw that other people had issues with the e560. Is there anything I can do at this point? Or am I just out of luck? It was my first Lenovo product Smiley Sad 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad e560 deteriorated in a year

Honestly, I would contact Lenovo and explain your situation. I don't know that they will actually do anything to help because you are 3 months out of warranty, but it never hurts to ask. If they say no, ask to speak to a supervisor and ask them. If they still say no, tell them this is your first experience with Lenovo and you're having serious concerns about ever purchasing from them again. Be friendly but firm. If you still get a no, keep calling back every day until they do something to help you. Because if all you say is true about handling it gently, it certainly should have lasted more than 15 months.


Perhaps you got a lemon...even a E560 should last longer than a year. The E560 was given positive reviews in that it's build quality seemed to be improved over previous generations of the E-series. Your issues do sound to be build-quality related, though. Meaning the components used are lower quality as well as the overall chassis not being as robust (resistant to flex...flexing is the slow death of all laptops).


That said, if you don't already know, the E-series is not built as well as the other ThinkPads. While it is said to have generally better build quality than many of the other consumer-grade laptops out there, the build quality is nowhere near that of the other ThinkPad series, such as the T, X, W and P. One would be safer buing a T560 with a one-year warranty than buying a E560 with a 3-year warranty, because the T560 is much less likely to ever give you problems.


What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad e560 deteriorated in a year

The exact same thing has happened to me!! I couldn't find out how to renew my warranty and now I need a second screen repair in 5 months.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad e560 deteriorated in a year

I got the same issue two year after buying it.

Reading in your review that it could be useless, i hesitate to change the screen...


Moreover, i just can't find the complete reference of it... My computer is 20EVCTO1WW.

Is the screen's one EC156MFHEDPLETHE560 20EV SERIESB ?


Thanks for your quick support !


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