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Thinkpad edge E430 problems with expresscache

I've got an E430 with 16gb ssd drive,and tried to use expresscache to speed up my computer.I used "eccmd.exe -info" to check out how it works and here is the result.

Mounted : Yes
Partition Size : 14.91 GB
Reserved Size : 3.00 MB
Volume Size : 14.91 GB
Total Used Size : 3.74 GB
Total Free Space : 11.17 GB
Used Data Size : 3.67 GB
Used Data Size on Disk : 3.74 GB

As you can see,now the "total used size" is 3.74GB which indicates that the cache has benn stored on the sdd drive.

But every time I shut the computer down,and restart it, check the status, the "total used size"just return to about 300MB(maybe even lower), I wonder is this how it supposed to work like? Or this software  just doesn't function correctly on my computer,and if it does is malfunctioned, what I'm I supposed to do to fix it? Thank you...

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad edge E430 problems with expresscache

Oh,and here is another thing that I noticed. A couple of days ago, I deleted the hibernation partition on my SSD drive because it takes up 8gb of storage,and seldom do I use hibernation. But I noticed that after I deleted the partition, my computer's boot up time seems to be slower than before, does that partition has some thing to do with boot up time?
Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad edge E430 problems with expresscache

Hi cozy2010,


Is this issue happening EVERY time you reboot - or just occasionally? If occasional, this is normal. If everytime you reboot, this may be a hardware issue in which case I would recommend contacting Lenovo support via one of the options listed on this page -



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