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What's DOS?
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Touchpad and Trackpoint stopped working

My boss has a Edge 15 laptop and her Touchpad nad Trackpoint stopped working for no apparent reason.  Is there a keybaord shotcut to enable these?  It is on automatic in the BIOS.  Pointer will not move at all with trackpoint and/or touchpad, works fine if i plug mouse into USB.


Help please I am at a loss unless hardware failure.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Touchpad and Trackpoint stopped working

I have heard of this happening before and the cause was a cable that was not firmly connected under the palmrest.  Your best bet is to call Lenovo support and arrange to have the system sent back for repair.  If you're handy with such things, you could remove the palmrest and check to make sure that the ribbon cables are firmly seated onto the motherboard.

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