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Touchpad problems - Thinkpad E145 with Windows 10



 1st version of Windows 10 worked perfectly with my Thinkpad E145. Than, there was an update, and after that I tried everything to bring the touchpad to life, but without success. I even brought it to official service company and they were clueless too.

Anyway, now I have a laptop that I have to use with a mouse. That's like having a smartphone where you have to use bluetooth keyboard if you want to send an sms!!!!

I was waiting for 2 months now, that there will be some update that will repair this state - weather from Windows or from Lenovo, but I guess there is support and support is not equal to solution. So, I can get support, but I am really looking for someone who has a solution.

I decided that I will spend a little bit more of my time this week and if I don't find a solution, I will look for another product on a different platform that works.

I got following suggestions too:


1. Hold the shift key while restarting the machine and test the touchpad functionality. (this will bring you to the Advanced Options that will enable the Touchpad using a generic driver).

If the Touchpad worked, boot back into Windows and rollback the touchpad driver (e.g., Synaptics pointing device) from the Device Manager > Mouse and other pointing devices

 --> Touchpad didn't work


2. Uninstall the Touchpad driver from the Device Manager and in the Control Panel (reboot if necessary) then reinstall the Touchpad driver from the ThinkPad Edge E145 drivers page.


--> Performed that. When I was installing new driver, I got a message - error synaptics device not found.


3. Perform a System restore to undo any changes made to the OS.


--> Did that too - didn't help


4. (Last Resort) Backup important files and check the guide on how to refresh Windows 10.
 --> Since I am not home where I have stable internet connection, I will not do that now. 


Please help if you have any ideas or maybe you had same problem, but have found the sollution.

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Re: Touchpad problems - Thinkpad E145 with Windows 10


I had he same problem and i solved it this morning. I hope the origins are the same for you.


1 - Open the administration tools of windows. Maybe it's not installed yet on your computer and you should download it from the net.

2 - Look in the services list and find something linked with the touchpad, go on the right column and check the state of this service.


On my laptob it was on "Manual", i turned it to "automatic" and then restarted the computer.

It works now!

I hope it will help...

Good luck

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