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Trackpad AND Keys Problem

I purchased a Lenovo E520 with an extended 2 year warranty. Upon arrival the trackpad did not work - which is a problem Lenovo is fully aware of.


After 3 months of Lenovo support havin me try various fixes - it still does not work. Support said it was hardware, and becasue it was beyond 90 days i could not get a refund. Theyy also said it would take 3 to 5 weeks for the repair and that was gauranteed. I cannot afford to be without a computer for that long - so I disconnected the trackpad and used a mouse for the past 1 1/2 years.


Now the "g" key keeps malfunctioning. I found out that this is also a known problem.


Lenovo Support - please contact me to resolve this situation.



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Re: Trackpad AND Keys Problem



I'm not sure why you were advised 3-5 weeks to repair a problem like this.  Keyboard and touchpad should be easily replaced.   I'll try to help you - can you send me a private message with your contact information - name, shipping address, phone, and the model type and serial number of your particular E520.





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