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Paper Tape
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WIRELESS problem SOLVED "Turn on your wireless capabilty"

Hi everyone...


After reinstalling windows, I kept getting the "Turn on your wireless capabilty" message. 

I was pressing the Fn + F9 combination, yet nothing happened.


I am sad to say, that lenovo has very poor driver download selection:

for my model, i could download 4 different wireless adapter drivers (everything from intel to realtek). So how was i supposed to know which driver to get....


So the first thing I checked was the BIOS settings, if i had the wireless radio ON....


After downloading the correct driver... I still kept getting the same message...


Checking the wireless card was not disabled in the Network diagnostics... AGAIN IT DID NOT WORK


ANYWAY... The problem was not in the driver, or the BIOS, or the WINDOWS 7 SETTING.


The problem was with the motherboard???bios???powermanagement??? setting


I had to install the Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7....


After that it was still not working...


Then I installed


Power Manager for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad


Key combination still not working... no wireless internet




ThinkPad Power Management driver for Windows 7


After EVERYTHING installed, the menu came back and i could enable the WIRELESS adapter.



Thank you lenovo, for making this a horrible experience...



Lenovo, I am dissapoint....

Paper Tape
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Re: WIRELESS problem SOLVED "Turn on your wireless capabilty"

i've got the same story ... i found many drivers for wireless...i've a low internet connection ..hours to download them all ... and nothing happened .... just because of power management .. thanks lenovo for 12 hours lost in this cause ...
What's DOS?
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Re: WIRELESS problem SOLVED "Turn on your wireless capabilty"

Hi. I own a thinkpad edge 530. My wireless stopped working one day. I did all what I read I shoul do and even reinstalled windows. I doesnt have a radion on-off button (only the one on the keybord, which didnt worked) Finally it works after installing bios update (and much more stuff). To do this you need lenovo system update. I think it was a bios error. It took 2 weeks to solve it.



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