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Blue Screen Again
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Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

Hi, anyone has a part replacement experience? I have been told to wait for one and a half months for keyboard part to be shipped to the support center, while my laptop has already been shipped there. I will have no laptop to use for 1.5 months. This is quite unreasonable for me. Especially, the problem with my keyboard (I cannot use some keys) occured just after I bought it for only one month!


Anyone having this kind of experience please share with me. Or is it possible to get a refund or a replacement for the whole notebook although it's later than 21 days of purchase?


Had a problem just after one month and had to wait for the fix for one and a half month. All of these made me feel bad about Lenovo Smiley Sad

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

One week after getting a E325 the power connector broke. Lenovo has so far done a greate job on trying to get it fixed, collecting it at my work and sending it to Germany for repair. But now my status says "Waiting for spare parts" wich makes sense because its a brand new model and the parts may not have been shiped to Germany from China. It has had that status for one week tomorrow. I dont know yet how long I will have to wait, but hearing from you did not make me feel calmer Smiley Happy Lets hope both our laptops arrive home soon.
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

hey mjz,

could you pm the following to me :

MTM [machine type model]:

(To locate MTM -

Date of Purchase:
Case/Order Number : (if any)

Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)

Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)

Description of issue :

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Punch Card
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

In my opinion Lenovo is only interested in selling their products and has very poor customer support. At Lenovo they think that it's perfectly acceptable to sell products which only last for a month and have customers wait a long time for a reparation of such a product. When I had to send an Edge 13 for repair it took Lenovo almost two moths get it fixed because they had no replacement parts available.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

[ Edited ]

murak, thanks for sharing information. Hope you don't need to wait so long and get your laptop soon Smiley Happy


Serge1410, I just pm you the information. Thanks for asking!

henk, this is my first Lenovo laptop. I chose this series because I believe in Thinkpad, although Edge is different. This experience really made me feel down about Lenovo and Thinkpad Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

I'm reading these forums and getting really worried now.


I bought a brand new $700 E420 (at twice the price I was intended to pay for a laptop, but I thought it would be better quality and it certainly had better speed and features).   I need my own computer for school and research work, so I thought it was better to get a 'good one' and I'm now regretting not going with an Asus or Toshiba.


After only five or six weeks of use, I went back to my machine that was left safely on my desk (I had used it earlier in the day, shut it down and unplugged it without trouble) and it wouldn't start up again... no matter what I did (battery was fully charged and transformer was outputting properly and in a working surge protector, power switch seemed fine).  It needs a new optical drive while they are at it, though I wasn't going to have that problem fixed on its own.  I should have taken notice when the optical drive was a bit sketchy during set-up and especially when the AC power light kept acting strangely and took it right back to the store the first day, but I try not to be the annoying customer.  I'm now very stressed and getting behind in my work because this is the second half of the semester and I have no computer (at least not really - my 7" netbook and ailing <Lenovo> desktop aren't cutting it).  The new Lenovo was also my "Windows" machine with special programming software.


When I called techsupport, she confirmed with me that it was the motherboard and said it would be back within six business days (but likely even within 48)... so the problem was known when I shipped it in.  Now as I'm calling wondering why it's not here, they said they had to order the motherboard and there are not any in the country (not true - the local store has many of the exact same model laptops in stock right at this moment only 10 minutes away and across the country).  Since I've actually purchased and am counting on the computer - and my computer was only six weeks old... why can't I get a swap of either parts or a brand new machine?  With what is needed on the machine sent in, replacing it is probably cheaper anyway.   They won't give me an ETA at all after guaranteeing me six days before.   Is this a lost cause? 


It's a bit lower issue than the repair, but I'm also concerned about the stories of laptops coming back scratched and with other issues - I purchased and then sent Lenovo my new unblemished machine and I don't want damaged merchandise back.  The screen/case is the only major part  aside from the HD that will be the same coming back, so if they damage that I should have definitely be given a new computer!  


So I'm wondering (since you have the same/similar machine), how did your repair go?  Should I call the credit card and start the litigation and refund process now... before my machine *maybe* comes back in two months... and then has a 50/50 chance of being scratched/damaged/not repaired?  Having owned it six weeks and then having it in repair for over a week is already a bad ratio and should really warrant some exchange or refund.  I really need a working computer ASAP, which is why I bought one in the first place!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Wait for one and a half months for part replacement for my E420

Hi barbieq1, sorry for late reply and sorry to hear your story. I do understand how you feel. We need a working one and we paid for it as believe it would be. But then it was not. And it was very annoying to know that we have to wait for a part to ship from a manufacturing from another country. Would Lenovo be more responsible by having more parts in stock? or providing a new one when it take so long time for a laptop we just bought? Laptop is so important in school and in work. It's fortunate that I have 2 laptops, so I could use my old one during my exam.

I got it back after one and a half month. It looked ok. They replaced the keyboard for me. But today it started to have the same problem again. I felt terribly bad. Why did I buy this one? I will log the issue tomorrow. But for now, I really hate my laptop and want to get a new model if possible. I can just share my experience. Hope your laptop get repaired soon. And if you can still get a refund, I would suggest it.

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