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Warranty. Edge 15 overheat and very poor customer service and support.

Case Number  B1LHSDD


After recently purchasing an Edge 15 from Lenovo uk it quickly became apparent that it had a serious overheating problem. Under normal workloads and multitasking graphics operations. The Intel I3 processor core temperatures would reach in the 90s or 100s of degrees celcius and the laptop would shut down and die loosing precious work and data. Not what you would expect from such reputedly well built machines.


The machine was packaged up safely with more than adequate protection and sent off for repair. After   a very inconvenient week with no laptop they contacted me to tell me there was no fault of overheating AND that the screen case had mysteriously acquired new "cosmetic damagethat I had to pay for.


As you can imagine i was quite outraged at the claim there was nothing wrong with the hardware and then even MORE so by the charges of damage that can only have happened in the repair centre. On top of this they sent me an e-mail threatening that if i took out a quote and did not accept, stealth charges of 70 pounds would occur.


"if the quote is refused after it is issued there will be a Problem Determination Fee of £70.00 + VAT that you will be invoiced for."


Fantastic customer service?


I think the appropriate way to have dealt with my problem would have been to at least offer me a new replacement Edge 15 if i was unsatisfied with the first OR replaced the faulty processor and/or associated hardware. As for the "cosmetic damage" it is inexorably linked to the lap top being faulty in the first place. If there was no fault then the edge 15 would have never been sent away and in turn would not have been damaged and left me out of pocket.


I chose Lenovo because of its reputed build quality and professional service but I have experienced NONE of these things and. In fact if they have their way I will receive my faulty lap top back and be out of pocket over 100 pounds for the whole experience.


"I will await your reply, failure to reply back within 14 days  will result in your machine being returned without the above work completed. If you go ahead and agree to being quoted you will have a further 14 days to accept this after this period we will assume quote is rejected." 


Is this a pleasant or professional tone?




The claimed 5 working days repair has turned into a 3 week nightmare and counting.





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Re: Warranty. Edge 15 overheat and very poor customer service and support.

Hello mate,


In UK it's DigitalRiver who look after Lenovo products and not Lenovo itself.

There is a thread there :


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